The Five Biggest Tech Trends To Impact Gaming Over 2022

A look At The Trending Technology In Gaming, Today & In The Near Future

One only needs to look back at the games and technology available just a few decades ago, in comparison to what we have today, to truly appreciate just how far we’ve come. Almost every aspect of gaming, from the graphics and gameplay to the devices they are played on, has improved in a huge multitude of ways. 

Today, the bustling $90 billion gaming industry has surpassed all as the number one source of entertainment around the world. While certain trends mentioned here have established themselves over recent years, other exciting new possibilities are also causing great excitement.

1. Cloud Gaming

Over time, one of the most prevalent issues that people have had with games, has been the sheer speed in which the technology has progressed. Many gamers are simply unable to afford the new consoles or pc upgrades to be able to play the latest games.

Cloud-based gaming, however, aims to make this a thing of the past by essentially streaming games to players via a subscription-based online service. This effectively eliminates the need for gamers to have their own expensive power-hungry hardware. Rather, all that needed is a fast and steady internet connection.

It just so happens that faster internet like 5G and fibre has now become widely implemented and available. This provides the perfect opportunity for cloud gaming to utilise the streaming and cloud infrastructure, to provide quality gaming for everyone.   

2. VR & The Metaverse

VR has clearly established itself as popular new form of gaming entertainment over the past years. However, there’s an even more popular new buzzword that’s been dancing over the tongues throughout the tech and media worlds over the past year. 

That’s right, it’s the “metaverse”.

On one hand, this is simply a new word to describe the evolving online interactive virtual experience, something that essentially already exists with various online multiplayer games and platforms. On the other hand, it also indicates something much more. The potential for a new dawn in all almost all aspects of human interaction, from business and entertainment to communication and social interactivity when you play live or do anything else online. 

3. NFT & Blockchain-based Gaming

The industry at large remains somewhat divided, or hesitant, when it comes to investing in non-fungible token (NFT) and blockchain technology due to its growing energy concerns. And not all gamers support the idea either. Nevertheless, clearly the benefits outweigh the risks, as big names, such as Square Enix and Ubisoft have announced their intentions of jumping on the bandwagon. 

A recent explosion of “pay-to-earn” games are now rewarding gamers with cryptocurrencies, bringing hoards of new players to their platforms, eager and looking to win.

4. Esports

One of the biggest success stories in the gaming industry over recent years has been esports. Not long ago, considering esports, as actual thing, was widely considered to be a ridiculous notion. Now it is one of the most popular forms of entertainment next to gaming itself. Viewership is reported to be at around 30 million a month. Ample proof that gaming, in general, is the future of entertainment around the world.