Where to Look for Website Theme Ideas

Having a website is not enough. You have to be sure with your website theme ideas, so your site will be a cut above the rest. There is a need for you to capitalize on some website theme ideas before launching or thinking about designing your own website. You can contact the experts in web design Wirral to get professional help when it comes to designing your website. Indeed, people can easily judge a book by its cover. This is why you have to think hard about coming up with an appealing, professional-looking, and trustworthy website theme. You can also check out the best aus online pokies if you are a fan of online casino games.

Interestingly, it is just a matter of 50 milliseconds for anyone to form a personal judgment of your website by the time they check on it. When you fail to impress or entice them with your website design, they will not think twice about leaving your site immediately.

If you are not a professional website designer and are still keen on coming up with the best website theme ideas, do not fret. There are always some ways to find the best theme that fits your website plan.

Choosing the suitable theme for your visit matters a lot. It can affect your site in varied ways. Whether it is about security, speed, and other features, your theme can make or break your website.

Regarding the website speed, you need to pick a website theme that can help your site get a better user experience and access, especially since Google is particular about how fast users stick around or leave your site during visitors’ visits. Meanwhile, make sure you only play on trusted online casinos to avoid scams.

“Poorly-coded and all-in-one themes tend to add tons of unneeded code and features, which can increase your theme’s size and load time significantly,” said tech-expert Christian Coulson of Zapier.

On the other hand, the website theme ideas you selected for your site must also augment or provide considerable security to your website, particularly from attackers of your business.

“Themes that aren’t updated regularly to fix vulnerabilities are often an easy target for attackers,” Coulson added.

Web designer working with multiple devices

What is website theme? 

Your website theme is everything. It serves as the foundation for the entire design of your website. Think about your website theme with how you design your dream house. You have to make sure that you get the right decoration, furniture, and even appliances to match the type of house you build. Your website theme is also like this. It covers the complete design of your site, from headers and footers, page layouts, color palettes, background, and typography.

Some essential things to consider in choosing your website theme

1. Simplicity

Pick a website theme that is not crammed with flashy colors and animation and difficult layouts and widgets that can bring distraction to the placement of your content.

“Focus on a layout design that is clear and emphasized simplicity and usability,” advised web design expert Alina Bragina of Torque Mag.

2. Check the Plugins

When you think about picking your WordPress theme, you have to ensure that the plugins you choose will not also interfere with other elements of your time. You have to test it first so it will match your website.

WordPress is a great thing that you can use plugins to customize your website completely. There are thousands of free plugins that allow you to do almost anything. However, some of those plugins could interfere with parts of your theme or vice versa. Before implementing it, ensure you test your theme with everything you’re using.

Responsive web design. Cropped photo of creative people prototyping new web site design for a client while having a meeting in the modern office. Creative agency concept

3. Additional support

To attain a reliable website, you must ensure that it has all the support it needs. You can check the reviews or the comments on the theme you intend to use. Recheck if the theme can go well with the translation files, reviews, rating, page builders plugins, and above all, SEO-friendly.

4. Compatibility to Browser

Every user got a preferred browser. This is why you have to ensure the compatibility of your website theme to the browser, particularly if you are selecting the free themes. “In any case, don’t forget to test a new theme on different browsers to make sure it looks like it should,” Bragina added.

5. Responsive

Choose a responsive website theme. This means you have to try the theme first in terms of how it responds to the traffic from mobile devices before publicizing it. Don’t assume that the default WordPress themes are good enough for you. You have to see that it is functional and offers immense responsiveness when you use it.

Responsive web design

Best responsive WordPress themes for you to choose from

According to WP Beginner, about 54.8 percent of global internet traffic comes from mobile devices. This simple fact should be enough basis for you to check on the best website theme that goes well with most mobile device users accessing your website.

“If your website doesn’t fit their screen or looks ugly on their device, then they will immediately leave. They may never find your website again,” experts at WP Beginner stressed.

First, you have to know the difference between self-hosted WordPress and WordPress.org for your website. You need a good choice in coming with a domain name (the address of your website) and WordPress hosting (where your site stays on the internet) if you select self-hosted WordPress.org vs WordPress.com.

The BlueHost is an excellent choice if you plan on buying one for your web hosting. Plus, BlueHost is officially recommended by WordPress.org. By the time you have the hosting, you have to install WordPress and then follow the steps on creating a WordPress site. 

Note: Before you decide to install a responsive WordPress theme, you can browse the theme demo through your mobile device. You can also utilize the Inspect tool in your browser to check how the theme demo appears in various screen resolutions. Some of the responsive website themes you can install:

  1. Ultra
  2. Authority Pro
  3. Guten Theme
  4. Prime News
  5. Essence Pro
  6. Inspiro
  7. Roxima
  8. Hueman
  9. Bento
  10. Elegant
  11. Divi
  12. Astra
  13. Corner
  14. Dixie
  15. SeedProd
  16. Spencer
  17. Elara
  18. Benson
  19. Felt
  20. Responz
  21. The Traveler
  22. Landing
  23. Compass
  24. Velure
  25. Paperbag
  26. Elite
  27. Pepper+
  28. Foodica
  29. Total
  30. Magazine Pro
  31. Angle
  32. Parallax
  33. Moesia Pro
  34. Igloo
  35. Bordeaux
  36. Kale Pro