Which of the cricket stars to bet on and not miscalculate

Today, cricket is one of the promising sports in terms of betting on gaming events. International betting companies operating online offer a wide range of betting and high odds. In addition, on their sites you can watch the games of top teams, for example, RCB vs KKR in real-time. It is not difficult for fans of this sport to develop their strategy and choose a favorite. For those who have little gaming experience and are not confident in their abilities, it is important to understand the features of the game and its specifics to understand who should bet on, which will bring tangible profits.

What is the peculiarity of cricket and sports betting in it?

In this sport, there are several types of meeting formats. They can be one day or last for about five days. The brightest, most dynamic, and spectacular format is T20, the duration of which does not exceed three and a half hours. The complexity of betting on cricket for beginners lies in the fact that, in addition to the composition of teams and the form of their participants, it is important to take into account rather specific factors, for example, weather conditions, coverage of the playing field, the possibility of using certain techniques.

Most equal teams meet in matches, which also significantly affects the outcome of the event and individual performance. The most popular cricket bets are:

  • on the outcome of the match;
  • total;
  • results of the draw;
  • the best player;
  • handicap;
  • Asian Gambit.

A draw in this game is a rather rare occurrence, so the probability of such a result has the highest odds. The bowlers, the batsmen, bring the most points to their team, so their achievements are always included in the betting lists. Currently, several official local sites accept bets on this sport, transporting games in real-time. Useful information about players and tournaments is published in special cricket blogs.

Who to bet on

According to experts in the Indian Premier League, five players have shown the best results in personal achievements.

Among the top scorers of the national team, analysts single out David Warner with a score of 5449 runs in 150 matches. His average strike frequency was 139. This season he plays for the Delhi Capitals.

Of equal interest is Suresh Raina with a score of 5528 runs in 205 matches. His shooting average is 136. In 2022, he plays for the Chennai Super Kings in the Premier League.

Rohit Sharma is one of the top players in the sport with 5,611 runs in 213 matches.

For the Punjab Kings in 2022, former Delhi Capitals player Shiar Dhawan, who has 5,784 runs in 192 games, has the best run of 106 runs without a single loss.

The list of leaders according to experts is headed by Virat Kohli with a score of 6283 runs in 207 matches. This season, the athlete will play for the RCB, the team in which he has been playing since the beginning of his sports career.

Thus, even beginners in the world of sports betting and sporting events have plenty to choose from and who to bet on so that even the minimum amount brings a tangible income.

Truly unlimited opportunities for making money on gambling entertainment are provided by reliable bookmakers with a worldwide reputation, accepting all types of currencies and providing guaranteed payouts.