9 Crucial WhatsApp Business Features You Should Use in 2023

Over five million businesses use WhatsApp Business to facilitate communication between consumers and other companies. It’s a free-to-download application with advanced, easy-to-use, reliable, and secure communication tools that enable businesses to assess and monitor their performance while supporting customer relations. WhatsApp Business allows your business to have a WhatsApp presence, interact more efficiently with consumers, and enhance business growth.

WhatsApp Business features make it easier and quicker for businesses and customers to communicate with each other. Familiarizing yourself with the features your business can leverage can help extend reach and engagement while boosting sales and growth. Here are nine crucial WhatsApp Business features you should use in 2023.

1. Business Profile

Business profile is a crucial WhatsApp Business API feature that lets you build a formal WhatsApp business presence. It allows you to add company information such as your business name, category, address, email, website, business hours, cover photo, and description. With a business profile, consumers can easily access essential details about your business. You can also develop a product and services catalog for customers to browse seamlessly and ask questions.

They can also select the services or products they like and share them with friends. You can also add links to your social media accounts for increased engagement. The WhatsApp Business profile feature displays crucial company information for everyone to see, meaning you don’t have to keep repeating it to everyone who interacts with your business. This leaves more time to connect with your customers while growing your business.

2. Quick replies

The quick replies feature allows you to respond to your customers with saved messages. It lets you establish keyboard shortcuts for immediate responses. Quick replies doesn’t support desktop or web media files. Keywords are a savior, especially when sorting through several quick replies in your saved list. You can use three keywords for each quick reply. Quick replies with keywords that have been used in a current conversation appear first, followed by those used recently. If a select keyword has several quick replies, they’ll be sorted in alphabetical order.

3. Labels

Labels enable you to organize and quickly locate your chats, messages and chats. Using different names or colors, you can create labels and then add them to a whole chat or specific messages in a conversation. Making labels for chats such as returning customers and new customers enables you to track your customers’ spending habits. With WhatsApp Business labels, you can expedite customer service feedback by labeling complaints, return requests, product detail requests, and other conversations to ensure they get to the proper customer care representative quicker.

WhatsApp Business offers up to twenty distinct labels to manage customer interactions, keep customers moving via the sales funnel, and ensure your customers get good services after completing a sale to return and recommend you to others.

4. Away messages

When you enable away messages, the customers who inbox you will automatically get customizable messages showing that you’re away from your phone or busy. You can decide when to send the away message and to which customers. The away messages feature lets you safeguard your time while assuring consumers that you aren’t abandoning them. This encourages them to move through the sales funnel with ease. The away messages feature comes in handy, especially when your business is closed. Note that this function only works when your internet connection is active.

5. Greeting message

A WhatsApp greeting message is a message your business sends to customers whenever they initiate a conversation. WhatsApp Business greeting messages are welcoming, automated, and can be customized for specific use or daily situations. This app feature automatically sends a pre-created response when first-time consumers message you or after 14 days of inactivity. If you’re a WhatsApp API user, you can use your WhatsApp CRM integration to set up greeting messages. This feature helps you make a great first impression and sets response time expectations.

6. Statistics

The WhatsApp Business statistics feature lets you understand your customers’ experience and engagement. It shows you the number of messages sent, delivered, received, and read. Additionally, the WhatsApp Business statistics feature lets you see how the team members dedicated customer support or sale of products and services are performing. You can see the chats assigned to every operator and the messages each agent sends.

7. Interactive message

Interactive message is a WhatsApp Business feature containing interactive buttons where users can choose options as replies. It lets businesses and customers communicate their wants while responding to each other easily. Interactive messages are an excellent way to increase WhatsApp click-through rates and engagement. You can send interactive session messages, which should be sent as a response to customer-initiated messages in a 24-hour messaging window.

Your business doesn’t require authorization from WhatsApp to send such messages. However, it must adhere to WhatsApp Commerce Policy and WhatsApp Business Policy. You may also consider WhatsApp interactive message template, which enables your business to leverage a standard message template with media and text by adding interactive buttons. You can utilize this message beyond the 24-hour messaging window. Nonetheless, your business must get WhatsApp’s approval and gather contact opt-ins before sending these messages.

8. Business Directory

WhatsApp Business directory refers to a quick, convenient, and safe way to locate businesses, restaurants, and shops. It can help your business expand its reach by sharing its details and connecting with new clients for free. For your business to be in the Business directory, it must meet specific requirements. Registering your business on the directory means that customers and prospects within specific proximity can interact with you, find your company’s profile and view your business information.

9. Multiple users

Utilizing WhatsApp Business on several devices or with multiple users depends on the WhatsApp product you’re using, including WhatsApp Business API or app. Small businesses and sole proprietors can use the WhatsApp app, which allows five devices to be connected to one number. Nevertheless, as the business grows, a more sophisticated platform will be needed to handle the extra contacts, messages, and agents.

Large businesses with agent teams must handle their high-volume messages fast while replying to contacts promptly and tracking company performance and team workload. WhatsApp API offers these extra features only when linked to a messaging inbox.


WhatsApp Business is an excellent tool that businesses can use to enhance communication, customer experience, and boost growth. Familiarize yourself with these crucial WhatsApp Business features you should use in 2023.