Four Reasons Learning To Web Design Can Be Therapeutic

We all need something to help us relax these days, for all manner of reasons. It could be as simple as taking your mind off work at the weekends to using it as a tool to aid addiction, following a stint in alcohol, gambling or drug rehab.

Typically, people look towards the likes of exercise, art and meditation to relax, but web design or digital design can be just as effective.

Following a similar pathway to painting or pottery, there are many reasons why web design can be therapeutic, including…

It’ll give you a project

For many people struggling with stress or depression, having a project can really aid with that. Of course, we’re not saying design a website for a client, as that may increase stress levels, but learning for the first time, or experimenting with a bit of a project can divert your attention and give you a clear focus and end goal.

You can be super creative

Similarly to art, you can be incredibly creative with web design, particularly if there’s no real use for the website aside from a project for you to enjoy.

There are all manner of ways in which you can integrate graphics, video, implement styles and so much more. Let your mind run free and let all your emotion and stress out. What’s more, with technology forever changing, there’s always something new and exciting to add and implement into your site.

You can learn a new skill

People who are suffering from addiction, often decide to take up new skills to learn, destress and potentially even start new careers from.

Web design is a growing industry and there are thousands of agencies all over the world always looking for the next big thing in design. Everyone wants a job that they enjoy and, you never know, web design could be that career for you.

You can help others

Your decision to take up web design for reasons to destress and focus the mind could be from a battle from depression or addiction, so why not channel your experiences into your website and not only design it but then utilise it as a place to discuss your experiences?


You could create a site or blog that details what you went through and how you’re managing to recover. It could inspire others through their own ordeals and create an environment that can be truly helpful.