Online Sales Logistics

Lala move Logistic offers you a comprehensive logistics solution to make your ecommerce a success. For this reason, it seems important to us that you know first-hand our experience in the sector, and find in our company a partner that offers you a comprehensive logistics solution for your Ecommerce

When an Ecommerce Grows, what Decision to Make?

Today, e-commerce is one of the main engines of the world economy. Access to the internet worldwide does not stop growing every year, and this is making those companies that bet on this new virtual market grow day by day.

It does not matter if one product is sold, or many. Those who have known how to reach this world market and are betting on the growth of their business on the Internet, know that it is not an easy road.One of the problems that an Ecommerce of physical products finds shortly after starting to work is the already known logistics. Logistics, a fundamental part of Ecommerce, you can check their เช็คพัสดุ.

Logistics, a Fundamental Part of Ecommerce

And it is not strange, since it is the fundamental part so that an Ecommerce can distribute its products all over the world, manage returns, and also have absolute control of the real stock that is available at all times.For this reason, a comprehensive logistics solution for Ecommerce helps you achieve the success of your business.

What to Keep in Mind

A few years ago, the creation of online stores began to grow exponentially, allowing anyone in the world with an Internet connection to put their products on sale, or those of others.

Most of the large companies began to market their products through this new channel, and smaller ones soon followed, increasing the range of products that Internet users could find on the Internet.

A Different Logistics for Ecommerce

The great revolution came when Internet users themselves began to create their own companies, to sell products of all kinds through their new online store.

Since this apparently was something simple, and it was enough to have an operational store on the Internet, a payment gateway for users to make their payments.

And finally a transport agency or post office, to deliver the package that had been sold, allowing them to track the shipments.

So those who did not have the opportunity or interest in investing in their own logistics, chose to look for a partner that could offer a comprehensive logistics solution for their Ecommerce, without incurring fixed and recurring expenses.

How has the Integral Logistics of Ecommerce Evolved?

Over the years, large companies that started their sales on the Internet have seen how the percentage of their product sales on the Internet has been increasing every year.

And what has happened to other smaller companies, and others of recent creation? Well, in all cases they have seen how their sales have been increasing more or less quickly.

Is it a Good Idea to Hire a Logistics Operator?

Those who have launched a virtual store know that it is difficult, and it takes time to achieve a sales volume.But when a certain volume of sales is reached, things get complicated, because there is no space to have more products, the transports do not deliver the products, customers call constantly, and while you have to continue making the shipments.

And at that moment is when the majority of companies that carry out online sales are at the crossroads of expanding their infrastructure, or outsourcing the service of online sales.

A specialized logistics operator such as Lala move logistic is one of the best solutions for an Ecommerce. This is mainly due to the fact that you only pay for the space occupied, and the volume of inputs and outputs that are made.

Global and Specialized Services

As part of our specialized Ecommerce service, we offer a specialized and supervised transport service, which allows you to make guaranteed deliveries in less than 24 hours.

And this type of service includes an alert service so that the recipients of the shipments can manage the place and time of delivery.

Which avoids many of the usual problems in transport, with deliveries to individuals with very different schedules, and very demanding.

There are many advantages provided by a specialized logistics operator such as Lala movelogistic in the integral logistics of Ecommerce

Since you can have any service that your business may require such as product handling, creation of packs, management and control of serial numbers, labeling, traceability.

Or hire additional services such as Customer Service, to offer its clients the possibility of contacting by mail or telephone, with highly qualified personnel, for the management of any questions or problems that a client may have.

These services are usually complex and expensive to implement for a small or medium-sized company, even large companies end up outsourcing this part of the business due to the complexity that it entails at the logistical level.

Logistical Need of the Usual Ecommerce

Many clients have landed in our facilities, with a very clear need, and that they have not been solved anywhere else.

And this need is none other than the automation of all the processes that are carried out from when products are purchased from suppliers, until they are received by the end customer.

So, now our customers no longer physically do not see the products they sell, nor do they have to perform manual operations in their Ecommerce.

They only have to worry about supplying us with products to have enough stock, and keeping their Ecommerce ahead of the rest to improve sales every month.

Trust our experience, and consult our comprehensive logistics service for Ecommerce.