How to Find a Person and Verify Your Identity Online

Searching for a certain person and verifying his or her identity has been much easier now compared to what it was during the 1990s, wherein technology is not yet as advanced as it is today. In today’s era, we will be able to search for a person online in an instant, but sometimes the search results would be what we don’t really need in order to verify that person’s identity. The person you are looking for could be a family member that you haven’t seen in years or a business partner that needs identity verification before you agree to a deal. So, you would need to be specific in your searches on the internet, or you would need to visit a website that is focused on providing detailed information about people. See here to learn more about anonymous proxy detection for IP addresses.

Before the search engine in web browsers have become popular, most people would often consult the yellow pages (a book filled with names, numbers, and addresses for people, groups, or companies) to find what the person they are looking for. However, because people can change addresses and phone numbers frequently, yellow pages can become obsolete in just a few months. Today, we don’t need to consult the yellow pages since we already have a public records directory or website that provides everything that we need to find the person we are looking for. How do these online public records directories work? And how can we search for a person there? We will know as we take a look at some tips on how to find a person and verify their identity online.

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Is it Possible to Find Someone on the Internet for Free?

You can easily search for a person online for free by visiting search engines like Bing and Google. Through the search engines, you can just type the name of the person you are looking for, and the search engine will automatically give you several results that have links to some of the most popular or most visited websites. If you are looking for a person, the first search results that will pop up are their profiles for social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, although their LinkedIn profile will also pop up if they have an account on that website.

Unfortunately, if you are searching for specific details about a person, like their home address, email address, or phone number, those details may not be specified on their social media and LinkedIn accounts. So, you would need to use a people lookup website to find those specific details about the person you are looking for.

Using Kiwi Searches for Finding People Online

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If you online know the phone number of the person you are searching for without knowing his or her name, the search engines on the internet may not provide adequate information for you. However, through public records depository websites like Kiwi Searches, you will be able to find that person by only inputting his or her phone number on the website’s search bar. In addition to finding a person through his or her phone number, Kiwi Searches also offer accurate contact information on their website, which is made possible by their up-to-date database that updates a person’s personal information if there are any changes to his or her public records.

What’s great about websites like Kiwi Searches is that they can be used for free, so you won’t need to pay for anything when using their services. So, you can easily search for the public records of a specific person on Kiwi Searches without being charged with money. Besides phone numbers and addresses, Kiwi Searches also provide information about a person’s work and education history, which is vital pieces of information to know if you want to perform a background check on your potential employees or business partners.

Verifying A Person’s Identity Online

Background checks are often needed before you hire a person in your company or before making a deal with business partners, as you will need to verify their identity to know if they are trustworthy. Verifying their identity is also important for you to know if they are using their real names and if they are scamming you while stealing documents in your office or offering fraudulent deals. Through Kiwi Searches, you are allowed to perform background checks for free so that you won’t need to hire private detectives or subscribe to premium background check websites that have a monthly fee.

You also have the ability to verify your own identity on Kiwi Searches, as you can easily print out documents on the website that will serve as proof that you are using your real identity if ever a company or business partners are skeptical about your resume. So, you can provide a legitimate background check on yourself from Kiwi Searches along with your resume to ensure people that you are using your real name and identity.

Finding a person and verifying their identity online is easy nowadays, thanks to the advancement in computer technology and the internet. The task has also been much more convenient to do now because of the numerous information search websites like Kiwi Searches that provide fast and reliable information about the people you are searching for on the internet. So, if ever you need to do a background check on a specific person. Consult these information search websites to get the details that you need in an instant.