What is a game streaming service?

A game streaming service is a digital service where you can stream video games even if you do not actually own a powerful gaming console or a PC. All you need is a strong internet signal and a client to log into a PC that will handle and process the game footage and have it stream back to the device you are using.

In short, you tend to enjoy a seamless playing time on your device while bypassing the taxing effect of gaming as you sit comfortably on a sofa. 

In a game streaming service, the client will give you a live feed of the video game and the audio from a powerful server hardware and stream the gaming right away to the device you are holding. 

The console controller that you have will be in charge of sending input 

commands to the hardware to have the type of gaming performance you want to play. While console and PC gaming improved fast for more than 10 years, video gaming nowadays also demands high-performance hardware. As some people can find money to indulge in the latest game available in the market, the advent of several game streaming services also provides an efficient and affordable alternative to play a video game in a speedy way and better quality graphics.

Whether you are using a laptop, a phone, or a tablet, you can still play the world’s top games as if you are playing it on a powerful gaming console or PC, courtesy of a stream gaming service. Not to mention, you can play your best games for a cheaper cost.

Child plays using game streaming service on a sofa
Boy sits on sofa plays with smartphone and gamepad camera top view. Child and electronic devices concept

The stable and strong internet capabilities will drive your gaming mode into a fantastic experience. With your robust interconnectivity, you can easily stream the games to your device with no moments of delay and lag. These are some of the essential things you need for the game streaming services.

Having an internet connection of at least 5Mbps to 20Mbps is already a fantastic start to have the streaming. With a wired connection from your router, you can achieve a genuine gaming experience through a streaming service you can select online. Having a fiber connection is also a plus if you yearn for a more awesome gaming experience via a streaming service. Here, a perfect video gaming time will occur if your WiFi or internet provider is consistent and fast.

Why does a game streaming service matter a lot?

Buying your own new gaming console can cost you $300 as a starting price. While picking a gaming PC can cost you several thousand dollars, too. Choosing a game streaming service will do the magic for your pockets. Even with a modest PC or a mobile phone, you can still play your favorite games hosted on a server somewhere around the globe.

What is a Game Controller?

A gamepad is absolutely important in your gaming experience. You can pick from various choices for the game streaming service.

Selecting Stadia is a good decision when paired with Google Stadia Controller. It is also compatible with the Sony DualShock 4, Xbox Wireless Controller, and other Bluetooth controllers, while Amazon Luna is compatible with some Bluetooth gamepads. 

PlayStation Now is compatible with DualSense, Xbox controllers, and DualShock 4, as recommended by PC Mag. On the other hand, picking GeForce Now is the best decision when you get an Xbox Wireless Controller. You can also have any XInput-compatible wireless gamepad.

 Shadow is the ultimate option with any gamepad with your Windows 10. However, it would be best if you had a keyboard and mouse on this.

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Gamer playing a multiplayer game on lan party

Some of the popular game streaming services in the market

Google Stadia

Google Stadia covers a limited list for a video game streaming service. With a $9.99 Stadia Pro membership, you can indulge yourself in free games every month. You need to buy individual games through Stadia. These gaming titles will stay on Stadia. You cannot incorporate or download the gaming title to any other digital game library. At present, they are over 100 games available on Stadia.

Nvidia GeForce Now

Nvidia GeForce Now allows you to stream gaming titles from your own UPlay libraries, Epic Game Store, and Steam. This means that Nvidia GeForce Now will not give any games to you.

However, Nvidia GeForce Now supports ray tracing if you have your own gaming PC with an RTX graphics card.  If you don’t want to pay the $9.99 monthly priority subscription ($99.99 per year), you can use Nvidia GeForce Now for free but with one-hour session limit only, with no RTX compatibility and not much access to servers.

Sony PlayStation Now (for PC)

PlayStation Now gives you a pass to a library in the hundreds with its $9.99-per-month membership ($4.99 monthly, with an annual subscription). However, Sony PlayStation Now will not allow you to buy games. Interestingly, the whole streaming library covers the entire PlayStation’s catalogs.

Shadow by Blade

With its $12-per-month subscription, Shadow gives the users full access to a remote Windows 10 PC. It will provide subscribers with a perfect opportunity to play without any lag.

Amazon Luna

Amazon Luna offers an impressive service. It gives users multiple, channel-based options for game streaming. Amazon Luna gives you a wide choice of games with its 5.99-per-month Amazon’s Luna+ channel and $14.99-per-month Ubisoft+ channel.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate offers a wide selection of over 100 games for both Xbox and Windows 10, with its $14.99 per month subscription. As part of your membership, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate also features cloud gaming on your Android devices.


AntStream gives you access to retro games like Spectrum ZX, Commodore 64, and Amiga, among other games in the 1980s. It has over 1,000 gaming titles. Since its titles are mostly three-decade-old, some of the games might not be too interesting to most younger players.


With different game streaming services, players nowadays are lucky to experience a delightful and thrilling gaming experience. Modern technology allows every player to play their favorite game titles even without owning a powerful gaming PC or console. With tablets, laptops, or modest mobile devices, they can access the latest AAA game titles in high graphics quality. However, this will only happen if the player is connected to a solid and stable internet service provider in his area.