What You Need to Record Gaming

Going into a hobby or a profession of creating video game content is exciting and rewarding. With the proper training, tips, software, and gears on the basics of a video game, you can record the gameplay and experience the thrill of it.

While it is a simple process to record a video game from a PC or external source, this step is only an initial stage for you to launch a YouTube channel for video gaming. This activity will surely bring lots of fun to your friends and the online world.

It is a fact that professional YouTubers and video game streamers have to spend a significant sum of money on their chosen gears. Yet, this should not discourage you from proceeding with your plan or desire to capture video game footage. With the help of your PC, software, and, yes, creativity and initiative, you can actually come up with something you can call your own.

You have to ensure that you also have a video capture card to complete the works while recording video game footage from an external source, like a game console.

“If you want to make it big in the online gaming community, whether as an eSports player or a streaming personality, you need to know what you’re doing,” came the advice of game expert David Morgan.

Morgan, who writes for CyberLink, maintained that “recording your screen with an external camera and posting the unedited footage online won’t get you any followers, even if you play your game at a masterful level or provide side-splitting commentary.”

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“However, becoming a skilled video producer so that you can execute your gaming videos properly will take time, especially if you try to figure it out on your own. You need to learn what equipment to use, how to use it, and what tweaks will make people want to watch your videos,” Morgan stressed. 

Before you hit the recording button and feel like announcing to the world of the things that you were doing through your YouTube Gaming Channel postings, you have to take an extra look at some things that help you edit and record the video games better. This one will help you grow your fanbase and call yourself successful in your video game recording passion.

Thus, whether you want to capture Breath of the Wild speedrun on the Switch or record Apex Legends footage from your PC, you need to understand some solid understanding and facts about the must have for gaming set up and video game recording.

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Some Essential Things to Consider Before you Start Capturing Video Games

1. The Right PC

Check the capabilities of your PC. Ensure that your PC is being upgraded if you want to play a video game and record it simultaneously. Make sure it can do both the works.

“Those with a powerful CPU may not experience a drop in performance, but those with older or not-as-powerful CPUs may experience severe framerate drops, freezes, and crashes. Sometimes, not having enough CPU power may impact the recorded footage,” reminded video game expert Alejandro Medellin, of The Beat.

Since video games rely so much on the GPU nowadays, they still need the CPU. On the other hand, the software you are using for the video recording utilizes the CPU to encode the gameplay as it happens.

“You’ll have to strike the right balance of settings and performance when you record game footage, but some PCs may not be up to the task,” said Medellin. “If your PC struggles to play a game at 30 or 60fps, then recording may be out of the question,” he added.

2. Screen Recording Software

You can download or purchase a screen recording software. You can use this whether you are using a console game or PC or a console game. 

“Screen Recorder will record whatever’s happening on your screen, no matter what type of screen you use,” Morgan said.

3. Console or Video Capture Device

If you want to record gameplay on a PS4, you need to have a video capture device to connect your television to the computer and capture all the kinds of stuff that are happening on the screen. When purchasing a video capture device, pick the model that records the live commentary and the game sounds through a mic or headset.

“Some gaming consoles have protections in place that make it a little harder to record your gameplay. Be sure to read what your video capturing device has to say about your console to ensure you have all the appropriate hardware and software components required to record the video,” said writer and video game Eric Qualls, of Life Wires.

4. Camera

You can try the YouCam from CyberLink if you are looking for a camera to capture your commentary and the video game you are playing.

Interestingly, the YouCam can match with the famous live-streaming services like Twitch.

5. Microphone and Headphones

A high-quality mic is a great aid when you aim for a nice and crisp voiceover of live commentary to the video game you are playing. While you can maximize the mic on your gaming headset, you can also opt for a USB microphone to give you a better impression, particularly on the audio results everyone will hear.

For optimum effect, you can also capture voiceover separately from the video game clips and mix them during your editing cycle.

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6. Editing Software

Editing software, such as PowerDirector, is your best ally if you want to spruce up your video game recording. This trusted software could do the magic when you want to splice the audio clips and video footage, along with other background music, transition, fantastic effects, and titles. PowerDirector is highly recommended to solve your editing problems.

Additional Tips on Capturing PC Gameplay via Windows 10’s Game DVR and Game Bar

To those who are using Windows 10, the good news is that is already equipped with a built-in tool for capturing PC games. If you are into it, you can easily upload video game clips to your YouTube channel or simply save them to your PC for your friends to see.

You can achieve this video recording activity through the Game Bar, one of the “Game DVR” features given by the Xbox app. Furthermore, Windows 10 also has keyboard shortcuts customized to capture the gameplay.

Press Key + G to launch the Game Bar while playing a video game. 

“You may need to be playing the PC game in windowed mode to see the game bar, so try setting your game to windowed mode if you don’t see it,” came the instruction of another gameplay expert Chris Hoffman, of How-To-Geek.

Included in the Game bar are icons for easy launching of the Xbox app, settings for access, controlling background recording, capturing gameplay, and getting a screenshot, among others.