Digital Marketing Strategies That Are Now Obsolete

Are you still trying to get sales or do promotions using past digital marketing tactics? These strategies were once the go-to methods to advertise your business, but now they can backfire. Digital Marketing, as we know, is forever-changing with new platforms, social channels, algorithms, and users’ behavior towards technology that even veterans of digital marketing can struggle to keep on trend. 

Marketing in general, albeit conventional or digital, is challenging. There are many possibilities and options that can make you confused about how to interact with your bulls-eye audience. It’s astonishing to see that large brands are still relying on the old tactics like Superbowl commercials, even with the pandemic shifting ad spending away from ATL (above-the-line), which is outdoor and print to digital channels. But still, spending on digital marketing does not mean a win for the brand unless they have changed their strategy. 

The metric to check the success of a digital strategy should be on conversion rates, target CPAs (Cost Per Acquisition/Action), or any measurable KPI aligned with the marketing objectives. As marketers, we need to understand that making a good impression on a customer is not an easy task, but it takes no time when it comes to a bad impression. Who could forget the faux pas ad created by Pepsi, the Kendall Jenner one released in 2017, became a laughing stock and got the title of the worst ad of the year. Hence, even giant corporations can make mistakes if they do not adapt with the time. 

We are in a competitive digital marketing industry, which demands that each digital marketer or agency needs to be flexible and agile when creating their marketing strategies. Your competition might have taken over because you’re using outdated digital marketing campaigns and tactics. Or worse, you would have lost a potential market opportunity for your company.

Before you can create new marketing strategies and start creating your campaigns, you need to understand which digital marketing strategies have become obsolete. Therefore, we got together with our marketing team and listed the digital marketing strategies that you check out; below are the reasons why businesses do not succeed. And in case you are asking for a list of the best online casinos nz, open the link given.

Here are the 5 Digital Marketing Strategies that are NOW Obsolete

Running Ads on All Platforms

There are many social media platforms that will allow you to run ads on. But, it does not mean that you should. Having a presence on each platform is separate from showing your sponsored ad on it. The rule of thumb is if you’re offering a mass product, then it’s best to advertise on all the platforms. However, if you have a niche product or service, then choose the platform that has most of your target audience. For example, it’s reported that most of the GenZ are on Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok. So if you’re targeting GenZ on Facebook, then you’re just burning up your marketing budget. Meanwhile, if you love playing casino online, visit the given link and experience the best online casinos in Canada.

Running Ads on All Platforms

Mass Marketing (Not Enough Personalization)

Using one-size-fits-all messaging as a form of a marketing strategy will no longer profit your business. The number of diverse consumers are growing, and they’re using the internet to search for companies, brands, services, and products that resonate with them. Every individual has a unique personality, and we need to understand it. Many of the repeat buyers, the twenty in the 80:20 rule, are the ones that have a personalized shopping experience. Brands should incorporate personalized and unique messages for their audience base.

A customized solution is a better strategy for digital marketing. Customers shouldn’t be enveloped in mass messaging. For example, sending a promotional email or newsletter addressing the subject only by the first name is not adequate. Therefore, you would need to spend time collecting data on your audience and create a niche persona to target them. 

Brands can also use the data for behavioral targeting for their marketing campaigns. It’s a major shift from the old style of using single targeting for customer retention. Customizing content for a personalized and more accurate marketing campaign will improve conversion rates.

No Longer Effective SEO Practices

Search Engine Optimization became the buzzword in the online search community. And many created SEO strategies to be on the first page of the search engine. However, due to Google updates and changes in the algorithm, these tested and old strategies are no longer valid. A professional digital marketer should always be updated with these changes and produce content that is optimized. Creating vague content pieces without useful information and utilizing only a few improper keywords has no value now and will not get your company on the top position of the search page. 

If the content has overused a keyword, it is known as keyword stuffing which has no practical use. This practice will make the content delivery weak and out of context, thus not relevant to search engines. 

Opt-out from using all types of variations of the keyword in the heading. Use highly relevant and precise keywords with informative descriptions. It’s a combination of exact keywords and overall relevance to the topic or information. 

One of the most used tactics these days is to create a dedicated page for every variant of the keyword, which worked like a charm in the past. Now the times have changed, you cannot target all the variants of the keywords to be on the first page of Google. Instead, use relevant keywords to create useful content for the customer.

Stop Using Social Media Tactics that are Ancient

Past social media tactics are not quite effective these days; they might have worked in the early days of social media. The quicker you make changes to your tactics, the better. Avoid these social media mistakes for a more optimized solution. We all know that you would need text and images to drive engagement. But they’re not the only content that we could rely on. Videos on social media have skyrocketed, with video content being shared more than 1200% compared to text and images. So, ignoring video is practically a business suicide. 

But to truly get a grip and master social media video content, you would need to create customized videos for each platform. It always will work better if you purchase genuine likes for Youtube. So when creating video for YouTube, the best practice is to add audio to the content. For Facebook, it has been discovered that many audiences watch videos without sound; therefore, it’s best to add subtitles. On Instagram Stories and TikTok, the videos should be shot vertically, 9:16 ratio for better engagement. 

The one part brand forgets about using social media is the ‘media.’ It means that just creating a page or a profile on social media is not enough. Companies need to focus on how they’re representing themselves through the content they’re producing. For the greatest return, brands should focus on developing a consistent brand message, high-quality content pieces, and preferring quality over quantity posts. Ignoring your audience on is a social media blunder to avoid. Therefore, it is best to deal with your customer as you would deal with anyone in real-life. So, engage with the audience by sharing good content with them. 

Genuine Reviews Matter Stop Buying Product Reviews

The modern consumer is now educated on how to find fake links, reviews, and followers of the company on threads, social media, or online forums. Using fake reviews and paid links can negatively affect the brand search ranking on Google. In the recent update, Google can now easily spot fake or paid reviews. Similar review sites are developing or using their own tools to weed out paid or fake reviews. So stop buying fake reviews that not only hurt your brand reputation but also waste your money. Instead, you can use that money for brand building and give promotional benefits to your real customers.

Genuine Reviews Matter Stop Buying Product Reviews


There are many great and modern tactics that you can use to advertise and promote your brand digitally. It’s better to be on the lookout for what’s trending next on the digital hemisphere and don’t shy away from change. Because brands who are stuck in the past don’t get the customers of the present. If you’re struggling to keep up with the times, consider hiring a quality digital marketer who can get you up to speed with the latest in the online marketing space.