Ideas for a Yoga Themed Website

One of the best tools used by businesses to promote their products and services is a website. It’s because a website can reach lots of readers and viewers all over the world easily. It is one of the best ways to provide information and offer services to a wide range of the population. Therefore, if you have a yoga studio, or if you’re a yoga instructor who wants to share your knowledge about the practice of yoga and promote your classes, as well, then creating a website is a great idea.

You can also use your own website to share tips about yoga, like the best yoga poses for beginners, finding the Perfect Yoga Bras, or the best yoga equipment to have. You can also use it to promote the practice of yoga more to lots of people.

If you are building a website for your yoga studio, or you want to have a yoga-themed site where you can share your stories and other useful information about the workout, maybe you already have a certain look or design in mind, and you’re searching for a theme or template to use. But if you still do not have any idea on how your yoga-themed website will look like, then you’re in the right place. Today, we are going to give you ideas for a yoga-themed website.

Yoga Themed Website Must-Haves

Before we give you some inspiration for a yoga-themed website, we are also happy to share with you some things that you might want to consider including on your website. These are the appeal points of a yoga website design, and they are important because, more than the design and style of your website, it should contain useful information, as well.

Here are some of the things that your yoga website should contain, which can set it apart and appeal to your visitors:

  • Location: If you are using the website to promote your yoga studio and classes, make sure to include information about your location. It’s because many people today are searching by location. It’s great if you can add to your website the full address of your studio or office, and place a Google map entry, as well.

  • Contact Details: If you want your visitors to reach you or keep in touch to answer their questions, then details like telephone number and email address should be displayed on your website.

  • Courses Offered: If you’re teaching yoga, it might be tiring for you to answer questions about the classes you offer again and again. Therefore, including a list of all the types of yoga you teach on your website will be helpful both to your website visitors and to you.

  • Photos: High-quality photos are important in any kind of website. They are useful in getting the attention of your website visitors. You can post on your website the type of yoga studio you have, the classes you run, and as well as the results that people can expect.

  • Website Design: Your yoga website should have an eye-catching but pleasing design to attract the attention of your visitors more.

  • Layout, Look and Feel: Your yoga website also needs to have your signature element to make it more unique and stand out from other similar yoga websites. The information also needs to be easily accessible

Yoga Themed Website Ideas and Inspirations

After knowing the important things that your yoga website should have, here are some of the best yoga website themes we found from WordPress that you can get ideas from and use as inspirations for your own website.

  • Yoga: This is a very simple website theme that features a photo of a woman doing yoga as its header. It is a great choice if you are promoting your yoga studio, classes, and stories about different yoga practices. It has a clean look that is also easy to navigate.

  • Meditation and Yoga: This one is a clean, soothing, and feature-rich fitness and yoga theme, which is perfect for promoting yoga classes, fitness centers, gym, meditation class, yoga trainers, and more. It features a great layout design that enables the users to make an impressive website easily.

  • Pranayama Yoga: This theme is simple and adaptable, and it is multipurpose, making it a great theme for yoga, fitness, and sports-related websites. It is also easily customizable, meaning you can use it for different types of business and corporate websites, as well.

  • Yogaclub Lite: This one is a flexible and multipurpose yoga theme that is designed especially for yoga, massage spa, gym, and weight loss websites. It has a simple but attractive design that looks professional, making it perfect for health-related websites.

We also found some professional yoga websites that look really good. You can also check them out to get ideas and inspirations from their style and design.

  • Yogamaya New York: This is a very interactive yoga website. When you visit it, you will already feel the relaxing vibe with the images they used, and with the layout of the whole website, as well. Their options are also very easy to use and to navigate through.

  • Yoga Vida: This yoga studio website looks simple and clean, but it has all the important information once you open it. Its contents are also arranged per category, making it look organized. It has a minimalist approach, making it look calm and relaxing.

  • Humming Puppy: The homepage of this yoga website is very simple, but it has all the useful options you can click to know more information about the services they offer, including their classes, schedules, their studio, and as well as their people.

  • YogaFit Worldwide: This one is a very informative website about yoga. It is also easy to navigate through this site, and it does not contain much design. But it has a lot of plug-ins, photos, and videos, which are all useful for website visitors.

These are some of the best ideas we can share with you for a yoga-themed website. Just remember that when creating a website for your yoga studio and classes, its layout and design should make your visitors and viewers feel what kind of service you can offer them. We hope the information we shared will help you in coming up with your own yoga-themed website.