Pros and Cons of Adding Steel Bumpers to your Car

For your mobile, you definitely want the best and a lot of factors are behind that. Of course, you would consider factors like your budget, insurance, style but to mention just a few. When it comes to bumpers, as you know, you’ve got steel and even aluminum. This article highlights the pros and cons of adding steel bumpers to your car. Also, see here for the best options when looking to buy bumpers.

Pros: Why should you opt for a Steel bumper?

Alright, the first question should be why should I get a steel bumper? What are the advantages? What would I miss out on if I get a steel bumper and not any of the other alternatives provided? 

  • Durability: The first and perhaps the most attractive perk of a steel bumper is Strength and Durability. By default, a steel bumper is quite heavy and this is as a result of its strength. It has the capacity to absorb much shock. Steel bumpers are also designed to handle collisions much better than all the alternatives.
  • Look and Style; still, bumpers can be painted to your taste; the exact match of your vehicles and are relatively easy to maintain. Some people believe aluminum is better as it endows the car with a natural gleam, but it’s nothing but a myth. 
  • Price; Steel bumpers are the most affordable kind out there. Now a common misconception is that once it’s affordable or cheap, it’s of poor or ruddy quality. That is false. On the contrary, being affordable has to do with the availability of the material on a large scale. Steel bumpers for cars are thick and of sturdy quality and when installed and maintained properly, your four-wheeled baby can take on the world. 

Cons; why should I look for alternatives.

Similar to every other thing that exists, steel bumpers are not perfect; it also has its cons and you may want to weigh them with other options. Below are the major disadvantages of adding a steel bumper to your car.

  • Weight; while the weight of a steel bumper is perfect for absorbing shock from collisions et cetera, there is only so much weight your vehicle was originally designed to take. This will result in you changing your vehicle’s springs, alignment, and perhaps springs to accommodate the weight of the new steel bumper. 
  • Life Span; the major problem with steel used for absolutely anything is its capacity to rust when exposed to certain weather conditions or when not in use. Steel bumpers are no exception. While you may save a lot at a one-off purchase of a steel bumper as opposed to its ostentation alternatives, you will just spend just about the same or even more trying to maintain the steel bumper.
  • Installation; the performance of your bumper largely depends on the installation, being relatively heavy, only professional installation will do. This may incur extra charges.


Hopefully, this article has been informative enough to help you produce a better-informed choice and clarity on adding a steel bumper to your car.