6 Ways To Reduce The Weight Of Your Car

Vehicle light-weighting can;

  • greatly impact your fuel economy directly

  • Drastically reduce the workload on your power engine so it works more effectively and less hard

  • Reduce the wear and tear of internal components like brakes and engine

  • Improve the overall function and design of your vehicle

  • Optimize safety

  • And a whole lot more…

You don’t want to miss out on all of this, right? Luckily, in this article, you’ll learn 6 simple hacks for vehicle weight reduction. Before then, though, you may want to see these hottest deals on these near-to-new used cars for sale in Houston.

Still here? Great. Dive in below.

Cut Loose The Needless Interior Stuff

At times, what makes your vehicle unnecessarily weighty are the not-so-important chunks of accessories that you have in there. If you have more than one copy of repair/maintenance tools in the toolbox in your car, reducing that can be ideal. You can also ditch those spare tires as a way to cut a significant weight off of your vehicle. Also, as most electrically adjustable car seats weigh an average of 25-35kg, changing for sports seats which are lighter will make your car lighter and freer immediately.

Discard Or Replace Heavy Components

Do you know? You can free your car from a total of 15kg, at the very least, by just discarding your air conditioning compressor and your heater matrix combine. Note that the heater matrix is the fan associated with pipping. Other not-so-relevant weighty stuff you should be saying bye-bye to are your speakers and stereo. You may replace those with a more portable audio system or an MP, right? Finally, for the things that you cannot discard, say an important element like your battery, talk to your mechanic, or your dealer, about a change for smaller ones with less weight. It all adds up.

Opt For Lighter Body Parts

The material of a vehicle’s body panels can be the cause of the heaviness. By fitting lighter body panels, you can shed off more than 20kg weight. But here’s a nugget. Body panels molded out of aluminum or steel are on the heavy side. If your vehicle comes with any of these, a glass fiber-reinforced plastic material (GRP) would be a great replacement for the bonnet, roof, boot lid, and doors. Besides, other than being a lightweight option, GRP-made panels are more cost-effective and easier to maintain than their counterparts.

Wheels Replacement

How heavy your wheels are is determined by the alloy grade used in their makeup. While aluminum and steel can be considered lightweight, titanium and magnesium can be better options for their extra-lightweight. But down the measuring scale, the MMC (metal matrix component) compound materials are far lighter compared to any other.

Pack Less Fuel/Pack Less Weight

If you’re of the opinion of packing extra fuel “for just in case”, you’re definitely adding to your vehicle’s self-load. Other than discarding those fuel containers completely, you might as well just need to lose weight yourself just like you’re helping your vehicle get lighter.