Infographics Are Great, but Should You Always Prefer them Over Plain Text?

The content you create is the continuation of yourself in a way; it conveys your worldviews, as well as shows the coherence of your thinking process. Therefore, it’s no surprise that you want to make it as pleasing to the eye as possible.

There are many ways in the content creation world that you can employ to fine-tune your personal content, and one of the most popular and hyped methods is infographics. With its help, you can turn your articles/pages into more interactive and easily-discernible pieces of content.

But what is an infographic? Well, anything that turns plain text into a visual content can be considered an infographic, whether it’s a chart, diagram, or a table. And in many instances, you can really enhance the reception of your digital content with these elements.

Visualization isn’t always the answer

However, there are times when the text is complicated to the extent that it cannot easily be turned into an infographic. But even if you manage to do that, there’s not going to be many people who understand it right away, which is always the main goal of an infographic.

And it’s not even the complexity of the text that describes the whole picture here. Let’s say you want to get a decent ranking on Google to reach as many people as possible. While you can easily put visual elements into your page, the best ranking solution will always be good keywords, i.e. plain text.

A great example of this is online promotions. There is no shortage of online casinos that promote their bonuses and try to cover as vast an online space as possible. And the first logical thing to do is create a stunning infographic that portrays the ultimate bonus prize, as well as other low-tier rewards and some additional decorations.

However, this method won’t be as effective for a good SEO and decent ranking for the bonus itself as almost all casinos use the same technique with the same goals. Instead, a good way to rank your casino no deposit bonus promotion can be the combination of good copywriting with clever SEO. This way, Google will have more leverage to analyze the written material and ascertain the value it offers to the readers.

Naturally, online casino promotions also require good visuals, and you don’t have to sacrifice infographics just for the text, but you should focus more on thorough keyword research and good metas. These will ultimately put your content on top of the search engine.

When to use infographics?

Now, even as we acknowledge the over-hyped nature of infographics, we still can’t deny that they’re extremely important and useful in many cases. On average, the website visitors devote almost 20 percent of their time to reading the actual text, whereas the rest 80 percent go to looking at images, tables, and charts.

What’s more, the statistics show that humans perceive visuals 60,000 times faster than text. This is something that’s worth considering when creating your own content online; you will probably grab more people’s attention with the visualization of your content than plain text.

To be more specific, here are some of the occasions when you should definitely consider using infographics over plain text:

Social media

Regardless of the specific social media, be it Facebook or Twitter, you should know that the community loves images. If you take two equally informative types of content, one being a plain post and the other – a photo, more people will react to the latter media because it’s so easy to grasp right away.

The website front page

As you develop your website, even if it’s solely dedicated to text content, you still need to prepare a couple of infographics that will show on the first page. These will help the visitors better understand the purpose of your website and why it’s useful for them to keep on reading.

White paper

Everyone knows that scientific research is all about complicated words and numbers – that’s what makes it scientific in the first place. However, even scientists have a hard time browsing through the stream of information, which is why they also incorporate various infographics to better visualize the discoveries they’ve made.

Press release

And last, but certainly not least, you can incorporate various infographics in press releases. Whether it’s a political press release or a corporate announcement, the content that has more visually-discernible elements in it will get better and more accurate coverage from the media.

Use a more suitable alternative

As we have noted, there are a bunch of different ways to fine-tune your content to make it more understandable. Infographics, for instance, allow you to turn text into visually-appealing diagrams, and they make understanding the content almost 60,000 times better.

However, it’s not always the case that you need to employ this method to improve your content. Sometimes, plain text has more value than any other media out there. Especially when you want to use SEO and increase the search engine ranking of your pages and articles, a well-written copy with good keyword integration can do so much more work than an infographic.

With all that being said, here’s the conclusion: there are times when visual content is significantly more effective at spreading information than plain text; and then, there are other times when you just need to stick to plain words.