Tips for Making Printable Pages on WordPress

WordPress is a content management system platform that allows users to create blogs or webpages without any cost. About one-third of websites on the internet are fueled by WordPress. To create a website on WordPress users don’t need to know complex programming methods since WordPress is very easy to manage for beginners.

Many users want their website or blogs to be print-ready for their visitors. The print-ready feature will allow the visitors to print high-quality tidy content. 

Adding Print button

The print-ready option is vital for many WordPress users. For many users their contents readers want to print the content for their convenience. Some people prefer paper reading rather than on-screen reading.

Before adding printing to WordPress the first step should be to check if your webpage format is printer-friendly. The print-friendly format allows the readers to print only the vital content information properly. Print-friendly format excludes the webpage icons, navigation buttons, and other unnecessary information so that important content can be printed without getting jumbled.

If the webpage is not print-ready then the best WordPress printing plugins are a great option for making webpages print-ready. There are a lot of plugins for different WordPress use. Plugins are the easier way to make web pages print-friendly.

How to add Plugins

Adding print plugins to the WordPress website is simple. These steps should be followed to automatically add desired plugins on WordPress.

  1. Click on WordPress dashboard and choose plugin > Add new.
  2. In add new user search box will pop up.
  3. A lot of results will appear when you search for your plugin.
  4. Find your desired plugin e.g WP-Print and install it.
  5. After installation is done click on activate to use your plugin on WordPress.

Famous WordPress Print Plugins


Wp-print is the popular print plugin that allows users to build print options directly from the rear end.  This plugin automatically removes navigation menus that are on the webpage for a better printing experience. WP-Print plugin allows users to add internal and external hyperlinks by adding citations.

Moreover, users can also print specific content including links, images, videos, etc with WP-Print.

Print My Blog

Print My Blog is another easy-to-use print plugin for WordPress posts. This plugin allows WordPress users to show the print button option on pages or posts. Moreover Customize Buttons is another handy feature that allows the users to print website content in PDF, Print, and eBook formats.

In simpler words, Print My Blog offers all the essential printing features for users to print documents without complications.

PDF And Print by BestWebSoft

 This plugin is another great option to make your posts print-friendly. This plugin allows the users to create PDF files as well. Users can also configure the print button and make the print button appear on the designated area of the page.

Moreover, this plugin offers various amazing features to make printing easy. The print & pdf button is available on all web pages, However, users can disable this option on certain pages as well.

Print -O-Matic

With the `print-me` shortcut user can print any page or post with ease. The unique feature of this plugin is that it provides various shortcuts to print any documents in no time. The only con of this plugin is that the user has to insert a short code for the Print-O-Matic plugin to run. This free plugin is easier to use and allows users to print a specific part of the page.

Print Post and Page

This plugin automatically adds a print icon to all pages of a WordPress website. Users can remove the print button from certain web pages. It is one of the most user-friendly print plugins to make printable pages on WordPress and even beginners can use this plugin without any hassle.

The key feature of Print Post and page is that it allows the users to configure the print icon`s setting according to preference.

PPE By Printfriendly

This plugin allows the readers to print the content in the most authentic form. After the plugin is installed the user will be able to see the print button on the front-end of the page. The reader can configure the printing setting with this plugin and can adjust webpage text and image size.

Moreover, it allows the readers to download or share the page in pdf form or email. Lastly, it gives more control for readers to adjust their content before hitting the print button.

Custom CSS

Custom CSS is a more complex method than plugins to make Webpages on WordPress Print-Friendly. If users know how to code then CSS is the best way of adding the Print option on WordPress. Custom print style offers the best control for users to create printing options.

Users have to write coding for certain elements to hide or display during the printing process. Users first have to create the declaration then styles are to be written under-declaration to get a hold on webpage appearance when printed.

Custom CSS offers total control over the outcome of printed webpage content. For example resolution, screen size, and orientation can be set with the help of custom CSS for accurate printing.

However, this method requires coding skills and a sufficient amount of time to make printable pages on WordPress.  In simpler words, Custom CSS is a method of adding print options manually while the plugin handles all the steps of adding print options automatically.


Most of the website visitors indeed prefer to read the content digitally. And because of that, there is very little need of making the web pages print-friendly. However, with the help of plugins, the process of adding a print option is very much easier and quicker. A print option gives additional features for readers’ convenience.

Furthermore, some webpages visitors prefer to read content on paper because of many reasons e.g due to travelling, ease of readability, presentations, etc.

It is up to the users to use either plugin or Custom CSS method for adding print option. However, for the convenience of the user plugin option is recommended for easier and faster setup. However, for overall better printing control, Custom CSS is suggested.