Tips For Integrating YouTube into WordPress Site

One sure way to master your WordPress site is to include videos in it. Videos from sites like YouTube not only boost user engagement but also enhance the user experience by adding life to your content. Do you want to create a vibrancy in your WordPress site that makes it unique?  Start by integrating YouTube into it.

You can embed YouTube in WordPress without requiring any expert skills in IT. From adding sidebar widgets and galleries to using various plugins, there are a number of creative ways you can add YouTube videos to your site. The tech words might be daunting but it is a lot easier than it sounds!

This article will introduce you to some pretty easy ways of integrating YouTube into your WordPress site. We will start with the very basic method and later delve into the various plugins you can use to be extra creative with your videos. Meanwhile, if you want to find out the best online pokies for real money this year, visit

Auto Embeds

The auto-embed feature is the easiest way to embed YouTube in WordPress. This feature allows WordPress to extract an embed code from any YouTube video. Once the code is identified, it adds your desired video to your content.

All you have to do is copy the URL of any YouTube video that you wish to integrate into your WordPress site. You then navigate to your blog or post on the site and either click “Add Media” or the “edit” option. This will allow you to paste your copied URL in the content box where the embed code is detected.

WordPress will now display your video in your post content. In addition to adding a YouTube video, you can also manipulate its width and alignment as you please. Finally, you can save your post and preview your video by clicking the preview option. But if you are looking for an online casino site that is armed with impressive games and gives real cash to winners, check out

Integrating YouTube through Sidebar Widgets

Another simple way of integrating YouTube is by embedding videos in the sidebar widgets of WordPress. You can access the widgets by first going to “Appearance” and then clicking on the “Widgets” page.

Firstly, you are supposed to add the “Text” widget to your site’s sidebar. Next, in the widget’s setting, paste the URL of the YouTube video you wish to add in the content box. WordPress will extract the embed code from the URL and display your video.

Although these methods are perfectly viable and functional, they are still very basic. Just like images on WordPress sites must be optimized to create remarkable content, similarly, a unique WordPress site requires an innovative integration of YouTube videos. Plugins open those doors of innovation!

YouTube Widget Responsive Plugin

Tips For Integrating YouTube into WordPress Site

While methods like auto-embeds and sidebar widgets allow you to add videos to your WordPress site, plugins take that integration to the next level. Plugins not only allow the integration of YouTube videos but also customization features to modify your videos as per your desire.

The YouTube widget responsive plugin offers great flexibility for how you can improve your video quality and functioning.

The process is pretty much the same once the plugin is installed.  You can find your installed plugin by going to “Appearance” on the dashboard and accessing the widgets page. There you paste your URL and click save to add your video.

The interesting part comes with the additional settings tabs that offer advanced features to customize your video. For example, you can choose whether your video will play on a loop, start automatically, or be muted, etc.

Moreover, the plugin is fairly easy to use. All the advanced features offered are self-explanatory and easy to access. You can comfortably customize your video as per your content till you are satisfied with its functioning.

Create your YouTube Playlist

Tips For Integrating YouTube into WordPress Site

The WepDevArt YouTube Embed plugin is not designed solely to integrate YouTube playlists into your WordPress site. However, with its basic yet flexible features, it is one of the best WordPress YouTube plugins to use for simpler purposes like integrating a YouTube playlist.

Without excessive confusing features, it provides a simple way of adding your YouTube playlist videos to your site by means of copying and pasting URLs.

At the same time, this plugin allows you to insert your YouTube video in any post, page, or widget with enough video customization such as autoplay and loop video, etc. Although it does have a pro version, the basic plugin offers enough to integrate your YouTube playlist into WordPress with ease.

Take it a step further, embed your YouTube Channel.

That’s right. Why stop at a limited number of videos when you can just as effortlessly incorporate your entire YouTube channel into your WordPress site. Smash balloon and YourChannel are some of the best WordPress YouTube plugins that can be used to embed YouTube channels on WordPress.

Featuring your YouTube channel on your WordPress site is a genius way of increasing your audience and showcasing your work. Your channel plugin allows you to do that in the simplest method.

The steps are to set up the plugin are quite straightforward. After installing the plugin, access the YourChannel tab under settings. Create your YouTube API key as instructed and connect your channel to the plugin by typing out your YouTube username or channel ID.

Finally, you can customize your videos with other advanced options and feature your YouTube channel on your site wherever you want by pasting the “shortcode” generated by the plugin.

That is it! Now we move on to an even better way to embed Youtube in WordPress!

Create a Video Gallery for Specific Videos 

From social media and sharing to lightbox, there are plugins for all sorts of advanced features on WordPress. Why would there not be a plugin for Video Galleries? 

A video gallery can be the one factor that makes your WordPress site stand out. Not only will it make your site appear more professional but grouping videos of specific content in a gallery will also make your site user-friendly. Thereby, increasing your audience and boosting their engagement.

The Video Gallery plugin, as evident by its name, allows you to integrate YouTube by creating your YouTube videos gallery. A new option of “Gallery Video” will emerge on your dashboard once you install this plugin. Once you access that option, you will be prompted to choose a title for your gallery and a suitable layout.

Using the “Add Video” option, you can copy and paste URLs of YouTube videos that you wish to add to your gallery. A list of your added videos will appear in front of you where you can even drag the videos up and down to change their order. When you’ve finalized the video selection, you press save. 

You can always keep adding videos to your galleries and use the shortcode generated by the plugin in your posts and blogs to display your galleries.

Take Your Pick

These are some of the many different ways you can embed YouTube in WordPress. Basic methods, automated ways, and plugins can get you started on enhancing your WordPress site by fusing it with YouTube. That too, without any expert knowledge or lengthy processes. 

You can choose any plugin that suits you and is compatible with your requirements to add YouTube content to your site. The above-mentioned plugins can be your starting point.

Choose your ideal plugin or method to integrate YouTube into your WordPress site and let me know your experience in the comments. Do share any other interesting plugin you come across along with any unique features that it offers!