6 Ways to Make Sleep Time Easy for Children

To most parents sleep time is a recurring challenge if not a nightmare. Getting your child to get to bed with ease proves difficult almost every night. You might get them to bed but getting them to sleep or stay in bed is a rollercoaster. It is important to get a solution to this for sleep is essential for children as well as adults. When they have poor quality and quantity of sleep. The next morning you will have to deal with an irritable, hyper, and emotionally wrecked child. This is hard for the parent or a babysitter who is left with the child.  The effect of sleep deprivation can have extended effects that can affect their health. However, it should be controlled by paying attention to their sleep life for a healthy child generally.

1. Sleep and wake up routine

Create a routine and be consistent following it through. Households with children work best when there is a sleep routine and many children love the idea. Through this, you can be organized also in general. For in the same token, you will have to have dinner on time, homework is done on time and other things that may disrupt your routine will have to be organized earlier. Importantly, consistency is key to make sleep time flawless through this tip. Make this too a special time to have small talk with your child, read a book, sing along to create great feelings and to make your child feel secure and in control. Structure the routine with them if old enough on what to do and the time to do it. For instance, brushing teeth, putting pajamas on, having story time, and sleeping. Be firm in the beginning and consistency will help later on.

2. Know the sleep quantity to your childs age

 As much as sleep is important to everyone. Adults know that they should have 7-8 hours of sleep. Additionally, children depending on their age have a set amount of hours they should sleep for proper overall growth. Through this, you will be able to set limitations and plan an effective sleep routine that will cover all their sleep needs per their age. As newborn is known to sleep up to 17 hours a day their sleep time is unique for they have no sleep routine but it’s wise of you to adjust yours. While toddlers sleep up to 12 hours of sleep. It is a good age to establish a sleep pattern depending on your family dynamics. Teenagers are expected to wake up to sleep at least 10 hours but they rarely can meet these sleep hours. All in all, depending on your children’s or child’s age you can work around their sleep hours for better sleep.

3. Bedtime snacks

As you put your kids to bed and they ask for something to eat. It is not an excuse to not sleep, rather it’s a sign that they are not full enough to sleep. Giving your child a bedtime snack is important as long it is supervised and if possible sleep-inducing. You can choose to give a glass of milk, a banana or a handful of nuts. Avoid sugary foods for they might spark their brain to be alert and this will be a whole new cycle of helping them sleep. Additionally, children spend more energy in comparison to adults and hence the need to meet their meal needs when necessary. By the same token, they require energy to sleep as well through the night. They mustn’t overeat for this will interfere with their sleep quality making them irritable the next day.  You should also check out TalkBeds for great mattress options.

4. Room environment

The children’s room and your room cannot be similar for different things inspire them. It is good to boost their sleep environment in a way of what they love. Have their favorite cartoons on their wall. Check any noise levels and the lighting of your room to ensure that it is conducive for sleep. a room with minimal light makes their brain register it is time to sleep. The temperature of the room should be able to offer comfort. A cool room works well for a child’s bedroom and makes them sleep with ease. Depending on how you have dressed them it can dictate how to set the room temperature. It should be warm enough to keep them comfortable even when they threw off the covers at night.

5. Solve any sleep struggles

A child that has sleep troubles is a challenge to put to sleep with ease. There are many sleep struggles at times discovering them may be difficult. Instead, you can consult a sleep specialist to be in a position to identify what the problem could be. In case you notice your child snoring, and have trouble falling asleep and resist going to bed. These are signs that can affect their sleep time and also harm their general wellbeing. Observe their behavioral change during the day as well to see if they are cranky, sleepy and less playful this is a sign that they will have struggles to fall asleep later at night.

6. The safety issue

Every child finds bedtime as a time to separate from the parent. This makes them resistant to going to bed unless they are accompanied. The safety issue can be handled in several ways to ensure they go to bed with ease. Have a doll, toy car, teddy bear or whatever your child fancies to sleep with to make it easier for you to get them to bed. By making them feel safe in their bed you can have a personalized bed for them to give that cozy feel as if they are in their dream world. For the boys have a toy car model bed or batman inspired headboards. While for the girls a queen loft bed that’s not too high to accommodate her playhouse below is a good choice. Alternatively, you can sleep with them for a while but this most times does not end well.