Ready To Sell An Antique Timepiece?

Did you just discover an antique time clock while rummaging through your old garage?

Why throw it away when you can make a fortune from it? How to sell it may prove to be a pain so I am here to offer you tips on how to sell.

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Before we delve into the basics, you have to understand that there are no set rules for determining price in the collectible market, the market is very competitive and if you play your cards right, you can sell an antique piece for an amount you’d outrightly call crazy.

You see, antique items are very much sought after in the collectible market, there is a ready demand for these items in the collectible market.

Now let’s get to the business of the day, let me show you how you can play your cards right and earn more from your antique timepiece.

  • Is the clock in the best condition? CAntique clocks that are in their best working conditions will naturally sell far more than those with minor, much less major defects. Does the clock keep an accurate time? How many times has the clock undergone repair? What type of repair did it undergo? And what was the outcome of the repair and servicing?
  • What is the history of the clock in question? An antique clock with an excellent history will sell far more than one with an obscure history. Is it owned by a celebrity or was it passed down by generations of royalties. What’s the catch?
  • The overall aesthetics of the timepiece. Beyond working conditions, another factor that can help you command a high selling price is if the clock was manufactured by a reputable maker or if it was made with a rare material or if there are limited copies of it in existence.
  • If your antique clock passed through antique clock appraisal with legally documented proofs, you will be able to sell at a higher price. Also, if you are able to offer certain guarantees and warranty on the authenticity and working condition of the clock you will be able to sell at a higher rate.

Now that you have laid your hands on tips for selling your antique clock, how do you find a buyer? Gone are the days of going to a collectible shop, with the advent of the internet you have more medium of passing out your sales message.

  • Ads: You can run online ads like google ads, twitter ads, facebook ads and even traditional advert placements like newspaper and magazines to find a buyer.
  • Online placement: Shopping websites like amazon, aliexpress and others are also suitable for finding buyers for your antique clock.
  • Auction: You can visit auction houses or online auction websites to find ideal customers for your antique clock. The drawback of online auctions is that it can be time consuming especially if you have little experience in this field.