12 Amazing Birthday Wishes For Kids

Your kid’s birthday is a special moment to them, more than it seems special to you. 

Your kids’ childhood is a very important stage of their life. The period is a magical time filled with endless imagination, fun-seeking adventures – an absence of responsibility. 

Your kids should be the cynosure of your life, though you might have your most choice amongst, you should love all of them greatly. 

Even as an uncle or aunt but your lovely kiddo is having his or her birthday soon, you should endeavor to read through this post. And if you’re looking for where to buy amazing birthday cakes, click here for the official site.

How do you convey your affection to these little gifts? 

You might have spent a lot on arranging and preparing tirelessly for their birthday party, sent invites to their friends and peers, getting them in advance the perfect gift. 

You might not know, but something is missing from your plan and that’s a birthday message or wishes that can carefully convey your deepest and warmest feelings to them. 

There is nothing that can equal the sweet and lovely expression you will behold on a kid whenever they opened a birthday card that has a personalized message just for them. How sweet this feeling looks! 

Below are twelve amazing birthday wishes for kids 

  •  Adding a  birthday poem to their card is one of the surest ways to convey your affection to the little child. There are varieties from their fable books. Here is one. 

When Simple Simon sees the Fair,

All he can do is stand and stare!

“Oh what a lovely sight!” cries he,

The pie-man answers: “I agree,

But don’t forget we’re on our way


  • Our hearts’ desires become fulfilled the day you crawl into our lives. Since that moment, you’ve made our life beautiful. We’re grateful the Lord grants us, you. Papa and Mama are very proud of you baby, we wish the sweetest girl in the world a very Happy Birthday. 
  • We wish to convey our love and affection for you as today is such a perfect day made especially for this. Our hearts swell with joy and blossom with pride as you grow into a wonderful human being. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart. 
  • Dear baby girl, you are the finest! You have filled our lives with much love and happiness. It is a delight watching you blossom. 
  • My darling daughter, have a great time and dance to the music. While blowing the candle, say a wish for yourself. Happy Birthday. 
  • On your birthday, we wish you the very best things in life. May your sojourn through life with smiles and giggles. May people always see your greatness. May all your dreams come true. 
  • Baby, times seem to be flying away. It is your birthday again, the day God blessed our lives greatly.  We are fortunate to have you as our daughter, Happy Birthday to you. 
  • Today you take another journey of wonder. May you live life to its fullest. Happy Birthday, our blessings lie with you. 
  • My darling son, sons like you are came by once in a lifetime. Wishing you a happy life full of jubilant moments. Love you so much. Happy Birthday. 
  • My little hero, you are the most adorable kiddo in the whole world. Happy Birthday, enjoy your day. 
  • It is so gratifying seeing you blossom into a young handsome boy and a loving lad. Wish you the very best in life, Happy Birthday my Prince. 
  • Today, you become a year older and greater. No matter the many birthdays that come and go, you will remain my adorable son who took his first steps in life while holding my finger. I hope your earnest dreams and aspirations come true. Best and sincere wishes. Have a good birthday!