6 Awesome Wedding Theme Ideas You Should know

We all love to incorporate our style into whatever we do, so why should you not incorporate your style to your wedding that happens once in a lifetime? The theme you use in your wedding says a lot about you and your partner; it tells your guests the story of how you met, where you met, and your common dreams together. This shows how vital picking a wedding theme is.

If you are planning your wedding but haven’t made up your mind about the theme you would use, check out these six amazing wedding themes you might want to try. Also, check out this Enchanted Valley wedding venue in Pigeon Forge.

1. Classic Wedding

If you want a wedding that will never get old, then the classic wedding theme is right for you. With a classic wedding, you can paint your ceremony all-white with a splatter of green. Everything from the flowers to the cake is white, with an aura of elegance and grandeur attached to it. One thing that makes this theme unique is the availability of a ballroom for you and your partner to dance. Also, with this theme, you can finish up with a classy and healthy menu.

2. Modern Wedding

If you feel like stepping out of the traditional system, this wedding theme will do the trick. As unconventional couples, you will be stepping out of the white wedding gown circle and trying out something completely different. You might consider wearing a minimalist gown of any color of your choice. And instead of floral, you would go for typical green plants. Just try to make your extraordinary personality shine through.

3. Bohemian Wedding

This wedding theme adds so much excitement to it with wild floral, stunning designs of floral wedding altars, and a cake with floral designs. You don’t need to put on a white veil; all you can do is wear a floral crown. In this wedding theme, you try to bring nature into everything you do, including the food.

4. Rustic Wedding

This wedding looks a little similar to the Bohemian wedding except that it focuses more on the countryside style. If you are getting married in this style, you will have to use open space for your venue. It should be decorated with wildflowers of different colors. To really drive home your rustic message, you can add animals and countryside activities to your wedding.

5. Vintage Wedding

This theme is best for couples who look to celebrate old historical traditions. This theme has so many sub-themes because there are a lot of vintage topics to depict. For couples who love old travel adventures, vintage travel is the best theme for you. All you need to get here is any antique material or item that would spice up your wedding and reveal your personality.

6. Musical Wedding

This theme is for couples who are crazy about music. The venue can be decorated with sheet music and musical instruments. The cake can also be in the shape of a musical instrument.

No matter the theme you choose, always make sure your personality and your partner’s real personality shines through. Have fun while making a choice, and enjoy the theme you choose.