Are mobile slots the same as online slots?

Turn back the clock a few decades and people wouldn’t have any idea what you meant by the phrase online slots, mainly because back then online slots just didn’t exist. How crazy is that? These days pay by mobile slots are by far the most popular and famous example of gambling, with several million gamblers spinning the reels of them on an incredibly consistent basis. And all of this was achieved in just a few decades… Mental!   If your looking for other great options as well check out best payout online casino australia 2022!

In more recent years the overall slots industry has also welcomed a particularly exciting new face, and that is mobile slots. People didn’t think that online slots could get any better when they first came about, but before too long mobile slots even made it possible for gamblers to spin the reels off of their mobile devices. Understandably this resulted in even more people looking to the slots market for fun, but are mobile slots the same as online slots? Read ahead to get to the bottom of this question. 

What are mobile slots? 

First things first: what are mobile slots? Well, the answer is very much in the name, as mobile slots are simply versions of online slots that are compatible with modern smartphones. Gamblers can therefore spin the reels from their mobile device, something that means that gambling can now be done online and on the move! 

Obviously this is the main selling point when it comes to mobile slots, however there is more to these incredible gambling games than just that. Mobile slots often have the tendency to be a lot more modern than some of the other classic modern slots because they have been designed with a new platform in mind. This means that many mobile slots possess exciting bonus features that make use of the motion sensitive technology of modern smartphones, for instance. 

History of mobile slots 

Mobile slots are still a fairly modern invention, having only come into their own over the last several years. Of course, we are pretty sure that various developers would have had the idea for mobile slots a lot earlier than this, however due to various technological constraints they were only made possible on a genuinely commercial level around about 2010. 

The main reason for this is actually not the fault of online slot developers at all, because they simply did not have the necessary technology available to make their games a reality for mobile platforms. Mobile phones at the beginning of the 21st century were wildly different to what they are now, and the mobile slots market had to wait for the technology to adapt. 

Are mobile slots the same as online slots? 

So then, the big question about mobile slots is whether or not they are the same as online slots. The short answer is that yes, they are pretty much the same as online slots, however one thing to remember is that mobile slots will often exhibit more modern features.