Cardfight Vanguard; Divine Lightning Radiance Booster Box Review

About Divine Lightning Radiance

It is the latest Cardfight Vanguard released as the 12th main booster set of the Cardfight!! It is released both in English and Japanese formats, and provisionally features the Angel Feather, Gold Paladin, Genesis and Narukami clans. You can check for cardfight vanguard and other cool games.

Moving over to the cards in the box…

A box has 16 packs. And each pack has 89 types of cards with 81 new cards and 8 reissue or reprint cards (5 Vanguard Rare, 11 Triple Rare, 13 Double Rare, 17 Rare, 43 Common) + Several Parallel cards (2 ASR, 41 AP, 1 RE) + 1 type of marker!

Also, there are 6 types of critical triggers, 2 types of front triggers, and 1 type of marker for reissue.

Needless to say, these cards have soft surfaces for easy, smooth shuffling and flipping.

When you get yours, make sure there are 10 foils in the cards per box.

My final verdict on this; the included packs do a great job at keeping the foils intact, making the cards look new always and giving an excellent foil clarity of the cards.

Reviewing the Box…

In a box, there are 16 booster packs. These 16 booster packs have two sides, with 8 each.


The main card in the set is “Black Shiver, Gavrail”.

However, there are some other units such as “Sunrise, Ray Knight, Gurguit”, “Mystic beast, Fenrir”, “Holy Heavenly Dragon, Eosanesis Dragon”, and “Dragon Vanquisher “FULLBRONTO” [evolved]” in the box…

Know this though:

There’s just one bonus clan dice per box — a dice for either Angel Feather, Genesis, Gold Paladin and the Narukami clans. You can only find one of these in a box.

New Updates…

About the clans, there are new strategies for each clan!

  1. The super-aggressive Angel Feather sees more ways and opportunities to make use of the damage zone.
  2. Shinemon’s deck has an evolved playstyle, arising from an all new Astral Poet feature.
  3. Gurguit has new strategies, and Vanquisher has evolved too! Check out for these too.

For the rarities…

The SRR — Special reissue rarity from Phantom Dragon Aeon and Storm of the Blue Calvary is not left out too.

  • “Mighty Bolt Dragoon” is included and confirmed!

ASR — Another Secret Rare, a special treatment rarity continues!

  • “Eradicator, Dragonic Descendant” and “Giant Deity of Distant World, Valkyrion” will also be randomly included.

The rarities are put in special sleeves to differentiate them from other cards.

And it is important to note that in every park is always a rarity. Two cards in a pack is definitely Rare or above!

You should expect these while unveiling…

The box goes with the label “VGE-V-BT12” — which signifies the 12th edition.

First off, you get to see the clan dice.

And then, an ad. Not too necessary, but it updates you about other Cardfight accessories and games you should check out.

Then you meet at least three types of markers.

And, the cards…do help yourself out with the cards.

Take note…

While dismantling the pack, you should be aware that the cards can be destroyed or ruffled at every rough attempt at dismantling. You could use a pair of scissors, blade or your fingernails, but softly.

And that’s a wrap.