Two Chimps Coffee

E-commerce website for Two Chimps Coffee. Our freshly roasted coffees are ethically sourced and carefully crafted for your enjoyment around the clock. So if your mornings need a kick to get started or your days a boost to keep going then don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.


Site by Webamp for the Sliders restaurant in Copenhagen. Since the conception of Sliders to its current execution, the mission remains the same: influencing the idea of the perfect burger bar.


Site by XXIX for Aida. It’s that classic story of friends from high school who fall out of touch, reconnect while working at a craft beer bar and a speciality wine store in New York City, and eventually decide to open a wine bar that leads into a line of eating and … Read more

Meet The Greek

Site by ED. for the Meet The Greek restaurant in Australia. For over five years, Meet The Greek has been serving up classic Greek dishes, like souvlaki, seafood and housemade dips, as well as delicious variations on the classics.

Perfect Day

Site by Gander for Perfect Day. We craft animal-free dairy products that taste like the real thing. We wanted a way to enjoy the dairy products we love, with zero compromise. So we created Perfect Day: milk crafted without the help of a single cow (hey, she could use a day off). … Read more

The Cupping Room

One page site for The Cupping Room in Canberra, Australia. The Cupping Room is a concept café designed to take you on a flavour journey. Cupping is the process coffee roasters and growers use to judge coffees next to each other without bias.


Site by Branditylab for the Sirani restaurant in Italy. Starting from very high quality ingredients, Sirani offers an exclusive experience of taste inspired by passion and creativity.