Informational and interactive site dedicated to animal research. What do you really know about animal experimentation in medical research ? offers the opportunity to form your own opinion through an interactive experience. Just test it and then, you can judge.

Guide to Polish Culture

Interactive and informational site by BrightMedia dedicated to Polish culture. A new interactive platform allows users to discover contemporary Polish culture by exploring three of its most promising fields: photography, electronic music and cinema. The multimedia guides contain hundreds of photographs, film clips and soundbites donated by national archives and contemporary artists. … Read more

Austrivia Quiz

Educational quiz game helping promote Australia as a travel destination. From geography to popstars, this quiz tests how much users really know about Australia and Australian culture.

In Space We Trust

Interactive and informational website that illustrates the key events in the history of space travel. The art project has dedicated to all space pioneers and researchers of space. We have tried to show the most important events in the history of space exploration: first spacecrafts, flights to other planets and landings on … Read more

Sailing with Greenpeace

Informational and interactive site about the Greenpeace environmental organisation. Embark on Greenpeace’s boats and find out about their epic journeys over the last 40 years. Boots and waterproofs recommended.

The Grey Tales

Informational website dedicated to help people discover the secret life of elephants and also illustrating why we need to protect them.

Museum of the World

Lovely educational website that is a collaboration between the British Museum and the Google Cultural Institute. This site is an interactive experience through time, featuring the most fascinating objects in human history.

Addiction Interactive

Wonderful and vibrantly illustrated informational website that details facts, figures and truths about the nature of addiction. This interactive website was realised as a joint project of Kurzgesagt (Illustrations, and Johann Hari (author, and Moby Digg (interactive). In cooperation with our studio friends form Kurzgesagt, we developed an Interactive Website … Read more


Created by Matan Stauber, Histography is an interactive timeline of all of history, spanning across 14 Billion years, from the big bang to present day. With a super-slick interface, the site draws on historical events from Wikipedia and self-updates daily with new recorded events.

Holiday Memories

Nice informational website detailing how vacation travel has changed for British holiday makers over the last 100 years. Site design and development by Epiphany.