FKA Twigs

Site by International Magic for the music artist, FWA Twigs.


Site Design by Public-Library for the Mixpak record label. Public-Library created the new Mixpak Records website as a digital presence that positions Mixpak as a leader amongst independent record labels. As a high level content producer, Mixpak contains a complex variant of content types and media files. Structure was created through a … Read more

Listeners Playlist

Lovely music-related personal project from Jiyong Ahn. This project started on Facebook as a group called ‘Listeners Playlist’ where my friends shared their favourite music with one another. This inspired me to create an independent website where an archive with all the music that is shared in the group. Hence you are … Read more

Parklife Festival

Vibrant site design for the 2017 Parklife Festival in Manchester, England.

These Beats Are Dope

These Beats Are Dope celebrates Kanye West’s contribution to art, music and fashion.

Agency DJs

Site by Jennifer Puno for Agency DJs. ADJ works with top brands and DJs to create the perfect synergy for events. ADJ pulls from our vast DJ connections to cater to a precise sound.


Site by LEEROY for Revols music earphones. Your search for the perfect pair of earphones has finally come to an end! Revols are the world’s first custom-fit wireless earphones that mold in 60 seconds to deliver unparalleled fit, comfort and sound.

Rockaway Fest

Event site for Rockaway Fest 2016, the biggest rock music festival in Malaysia.

Arkade London

Arkade London is a highly impressive experimental site combining music and art.