Foodie Factor

Foodie Factor has the best collection on free food and drink stock photos on the internet. There’s a lovely variety of images to choose from, with well over 1,000 images added already.

MMT Stock

MMT is a free stock photo site created by Jeffrey Betts with a lovely varied selection of imagery. I launched MMT in 2014 to share my love of photography with the world. Over the years I’ve taken countless photos and wanted to post some of those photos to use for free and … Read more


When it comes to retaining your website visitors, speed is everything, people will not wait around for a slow website. Images can account for up to 50% of your loading time, so getting these optimised is vital. Frontify is a premium image optimiser that integrates with a number of popular CMS’ (including … Read more


Frontify offer a superb online tool for creating brand and style guides for your website. You can upload your company logos and images, specify fonts, colours and icon sets, then add to a style guide template of create your own from scratch.


Flaticon has a massive collection of over 100,000 icons, all icons are free to use as long as you provide attribution, there is a premium plan that removes the need for author credit and offers a faster download process. A Mac application is also available that let’s you select and work with … Read more

Screen Sizes

Screen Sizes is an invaluable reference tool for quickly finding out the screen specifications for the most popular devices on the market, all major smartphones, tablets and computer monitors are detailed.

The Designers Foundry

The Designers Foundry (TDF) is a hand-picked international team of type designers with an aim of providing designers from all backgrounds with a quality resource of curated fonts. Whilst they don’t have a huge library, there are some gorgeous typefaces available at extremely competitive price points.


Startuplister is a great way to promote and gain exposure for your new website. The SEO package submits your site to over 70 startup directories, review sites, and communities to help you build backlinks to your site. You could manually submit to many of these services of course, but this is a … Read more


Udemy offers video-based learning for a wide-variety of subjects, and is a great place to learn coding and programming. There are a load of options if you’re looking to learn a particular language, with some courses completely free of charge.

Product Hunt

Product Hunt is a great place to discover the very latest websites, apps and tech products. From its humble beginnings as an email list back in 2013, Product Hunt now has serious traction and can give a major boost to any new website or app that gets listed. Not all websites will … Read more