PLTTS is a neat tool for colour palette discovery. This website was developed by Dominik Schmidt using Ruby on Rails.

HTML Color Codes

HTML Color Codes dedicated to colour generation, inspiration, tutorials and more. Create and choose colours based on the colour picker or a range of charts, then export them when you’re happy with your selections. There’s also a great selection of colour-based tutorials and a lovely collection of the best web design resources.


Coolors is one of the very best colour creation and inspiration tools around. To get started you simply hit the space bar to generate a random colour palette, then you can lock colours you like to generate a palette based on your selection. You can refine each individual colour as you wish … Read more

Color Hunt

Color Hunt offers fresh colour palette inspiration on a daily basis. Palettes can be sorted by either the newest or most popular, whilst you can create your own and submit to the site. If you see a palette you really like you can select it to get the hexadecimal colour codes to … Read more

Material Palette

Material Palette is an online tool for creating colour schemes based on Google’s recent Material Design visual language. To use the site simply select two colours and a palette will be generated. Once you’re happy with a palette you can download it in a wide variety of formats including CSS, SASS, LESS, … Read more

Brand Colors

Brand Colors is a superb reference that contains the exact colours that are used by the world’s most prominent brands and websites. Once you’ve found colours that you want, you can hover to get the hex code, or download all of your selected brand colours in the format of your choosing. The … Read more


Formerly known as Color Scheme Designer, Paletton is a very usable website for all things colour. Whilst it may not have a huge feature list, it gets the basics just right. The main colour wheel is simple to use, letting you create colour schemes with ease. If you’re completely lacking inspiration you … Read more

CSS Colour Names

Created by Neil Orange Peel, CSS Colour Names is a handy referencing descriptive CSS names for various colours. The majority of web designers add a hexadecimal colour value in their CSS, what many do not know is there are over 140 colours with descriptive names. So, for example, it might be nicer … Read more

Adobe Color

The Adobe Color tool is an excellent resource for creating, discovering and sharing colour palettes. You can choose from various colour modes to create and edit your palette, RGB and Hex values are given for all colours so it’s easy to apply to your website. There is a nice community element to … Read more