When it comes to retaining your website visitors, speed is everything, people will not wait around for a slow website. Images can account for up to 50% of your loading time, so getting these optimised is vital. Frontify is a premium image optimiser that integrates with a number of popular CMS’ (including … Read more


Frontify offer a superb online tool for creating brand and style guides for your website. You can upload your company logos and images, specify fonts, colours and icon sets, then add to a style guide template of create your own from scratch.

Screen Sizes

Screen Sizes is an invaluable reference tool for quickly finding out the screen specifications for the most popular devices on the market, all major smartphones, tablets and computer monitors are detailed.

Cloud Converter

Cloud Converter is a super-handy online tool for converting between various file formats. Over 200 formats are supported for images, audio, videos, documents, archives and more. Registered users can convert up to 25 files per day for free, with two premium plans available for those who require larger numbers.

UI Faces

Finding copyright-free photographs of people’s faces for your design projects can be a real chore, UI Faces is an excellent tool for creating avatars for your web-based UI mockups. Avatars can be adjusted by size, spacing, border radius, background colour and container size.


When working with design applications being as efficient as possible can save you a lot of time and hassle. All the major creative applications such as Photoshop have a load of keyboard shortcuts to help you speed up your workflow. Whilst you don’t need to know them all, knowing at least the … Read more


Trianglify allows you to generate colourful triangle meshes which can be perfect for backgrounds and headers. Based on open source software, Trianglify was created by Quinn Rohlf. When creating your custom graphic you can specify variance, cell size and colour. Once you’re happy with the design you can save as SVG or … Read more


All designers need dummy text (Lorem Ipsum) during the course of many projects, so having a reliable online generator is seriously useful. There are a number of these around, but many are now pretty old and annoying to use. Step forward Loripsum, this is one of the newer generators so it’s a … Read more


Gridulator is an excellent online tool for creating custom grid layouts with the minimum of fuss. You can set your required site width, the number of columns, and then choose your column and gutter width from a range of options. Once you’re happy with your grid layout your can download as a … Read more

Support Details

Support Details allows you to see and share all the technical information about your browser and computer to an individual of your choosing. This is particularly handy if you have a client that is seeing an issue with a website, you can send them to this address so you can see their … Read more