Weebly is a high-quality website builder that started life back in 2006. What really sets it apart is the fact that it’s so easy to use, this is a hugely important attribute for all customers, and particularly those with little previous web experience. Whilst Weebly is easy to use, that doesn’t mean … Read more


Wix is a feature-packed website builder with an increasingly large user-base. There are a large amount of templates suitable for a wide range of business types to help get you started. It has to be said that the editor isn’t quite as clean or intuitive as the offerings from Weebly or Squarespace. … Read more


Format is a portfolio website builder that is a joy to use. It’s beauty is in it’s simplicity. This is prevalent in both the minimalist themes available, and the wonderfully straightforward process for creating and managing your content. Whilst Format could be effectively used by designers and artists, it’s photographers that are … Read more


Voog was rebranded and renamed in 2014 (having previously been known as Edicy). The vibrant new branding may not be to everyone’s taste, but thankfully there is still a very solid website builder underneath the garish new packaging. The editor that Voog uses isn’t quite as slick or intuitive as that of … Read more


Since it’s initial launch way back in 2004, Squarespace is now one of the major players in the website builder market. The features and functionality that Squarespace packs in are now truly impressive, with the service having undergone a major overhaul in 2014. This saw a huge improvement to the main user … Read more


Dunked is a hosted portfolio builder aimed at creatives; designers, photographers, artists and more. Founded by Orman Clark, Dunked now has over 90,000 customers so is doing very well in a crowded marketplace for portfolio websites. There are a number of high-quality templates to choose from, editing and changing your chosen theme … Read more