How to Choose the Best Pocket Knife

While some might believe that possessing a pocket knife is only important for its size and ‘coolness’, that just does the little device a great disservice. A pocket knife is a utility tool and one that can be carried anywhere with ease. This is the reason why it is important that people, especially handymen and women, should have them. Also, see here for the best William Henry pocket knife.

Choosing the Best Pocket Knife

Selecting the right pocket knife that suits you or your task is no small feat. Not all pocket knives can perform all cutting tasks. While beauty is often a factor, it is best to compromise that for other factors.

These factors are listed below

1. Sturdiness

There are a lot of pocket knife designs; foldable, fixed, spring-loaded, etc. However, given that pocket knives are used for cutting mostly, a sturdy blade is often required for most tasks. Single Blade Pocket Knives are often sturdier than their multiple counterparts but the choice is yours still in that regard.

2. Variety of Blades

This is often the appeal of Multi-Blade Pocket Knives. While they might not be as strong as their singular counterparts, they provide a variety of blades to their owner. This means that you can have several knives in one pocket; to cut off a seatbelt to save a life, to skin venison, carve wood or open up a box. Anything can be cut with a Multi-Blade Pocket Knife however, you are always prepared.

3. Variety of Tools

Sometimes, you need more knives. Other times, you might just need more tools. The beauty of pocket knives is that they put typically larger tools in your pocket. In the event that you are not so particular about the blades, you could get a Swiss Army Knife (designed to solve most of the military’s minor problems). The tools that could be present in a Multi-Blade Pocket Knife include cock-screws, scissors, etc.

4. Size and Weight

For better handling and transport, it is best to also consider the sizes and weight of your choice pocket knife. This is important if you would need to move about with one regularly. It is always best that you choose a blade that would be more helpful than a burden.

Also, weight can also determine how easy it is to handle. So when choosing a pocket knife, always flip open the blade and balance it in your hand.

5. Blade Shape and Length

The shape of a blade usually indicates its best use.

Short blades can be used for lighter cutting tasks while the longer ones allow for heavier tasks such as wood carving etc.

6. Blade Steel

While Single Blade Pocket Knives are known to be sturdier, the type of blade steel in a pocket knife can well determine its use, durability, and strength.

In picking a pocket knife, also keep in mind that some states have knife laws that must be adhered to in your selection process. This is because while pocket knives are important and useful tools, they can also prove dangerous to others.