How to Maintain Your Motorcycle Jacket to Last Longer

This article is for you if you’ve got yourself a marvelous-looking motorcycle jacket or you are planning on getting one, or you just want to know if it’s worth a buy.

The good news is that with a motorcycle jacket, durability is not so much of a worry because there are things that can be done to help maintain your jacket for YEARS. Psst; check the coolest motorcycle jackets here at  Leather Stand.

How to Maintain Your Motorcycle Jacket to Last Longer

The typical motorcycle jacket lasts between five to ten years on it and it can even be longer with the right tips. Below are tips to help maintain your motorcycle jacket to last longer:

1. Dust Gently

After storing your motorcycle jacket in the closet for a long period of time, it is bound to be dusty. When dusting your motorcycle jacket, it is always best to use soft materials to do that so you do not scar the jacket. It is advisable to use a camel hair brush or soft cotton cloth.

2. Store Properly

When storing your motorcycle jacket which is often leather, it is best to store it in a cool and dry environment with no direct access to sunlight and heat. These can cause cracking and discoloration. Other criteria involved in storage include the use of hangers to avoid stretching your jacket, ventilation, and clean first before storing.

3. Air Drying When Soaked

Given our limitations as humans to not be able to control the weather and other water-related occurrences, some days, the jackets get really soaked. In the event that you have a soaked motorcycle jacket, it is important that you do not leave it to dry in the sun. Instead, wipe down your jacket with a soft cloth and then put it on a hanger. It would be hung to dry at room temperature. Also, be sure to empty the pockets so as not to stretch the leather. After drying the jacket, a conditioner must then be applied.

4. Using Conditioners

There are conditioners for leather motorcycle jackets as well. Applying conditioner to your motorcycle jacket, you would be restoring the oil of the leather material, making your leather looking new even as the years go by.

5. Polishing the Jacket

This restores the leather’s shine, making your motorcycle jacket looking younger than its used period. To polish, you can use a vinegar-water solution or soap-water solution to gently polish your jacket, with a clean cloth.

6. Make Jacket Water Resistant

There are products that can be used to make your leather water-resistant, thereby making your motorcycle jacket last longer. They include wax-based products, silicone polymer sprays, among others. While this would not assure a hundred percent waterproof jacket, it would go a long way to reducing the water damage on your jacket.  Be sure to match a arai helmet australia as well.

7. Mend and Fix Wrinkles Early

There are gums for mends in motorcycle jackets that should be applied while the need is still little. To get rid of wrinkles, you could use a pressing iron, put it at its lowest temperature and then press the jacket under a cloth to remove wrinkles.

Following these easy conditions, you could have your motorcycle jacket in prime condition for years.