History of Drupal

As almost all the amazing projects start with just some cool ideas in a garage, dorm or a friendly chat, Drupal did too. It began as a small forum for a few friends to monitor their shared internet connection, which was expensive back then. Who knew that a forum like that would … Read more

History of WordPress

According to a study, WordPress is considered the most popular Content Management System (CMS), with over 32.2% of websites running on this amazing platform. If you are a WordPress user and looking to know more about it, including its history and how it transformed from merely a simple blogging platform into its … Read more

History of Joomla

Logo of Joomla

Joomla is the world’s second most popular free, open-source Content Management System on the internet, right after the great WordPress. Like most other top Content Management Systems, Joomla has also become a helpful assistant in managing and polishing data online on both small and big corporate sites, portals, blogs, personal pages, stores, … Read more