Ten Ways To Make Money Selling Ebooks

Having an ebook to your name is not security against pauper.

The mistake most self-published writer made is thinking that selling ebooks are get-rich-quick schemes.

But it’s never that way.

Nevertheless, there are still ways you can make good money selling eBooks.

And below, I am going to show you the 10 most-effective ways to make money as an ebook eller. On the side, check here if you need epub3 conversion services for your next ebook creation.

Kindle Unlimited

Having your ebooks listed for free on Kindle is a great step to making money from your ebooks. Even though people wouldn’t pay to read your book but guess what? Amazon will do just that.

You get paid base on how many pages of your books people flipped through. This may range from 1$ – 2$ per book finished. Though it may seem small, it is a starting point.

Lead Generation

When you give your books out for free and people like them. You are turning them into your fans. Your lifelong customers. You can then sell to them as much as you want because they already trust you from the free ebooks you masterfully give out to them.

Building Email and Social List

Having your ebooks out there. Converting strangers to loyalists. Having them signed up for your email list while going through your ebooks will go a long way to generate residual income for you. You can turn your email list into money by marketing other services to them.

Sell Other Product Or Services

Having your ebooks out there with a lot of fan base is a jackpot for you. By so doing, you with your first ebook out there and the trust garner from same. You can start selling your subsequent ebooks to them, voila money starts trickling in.

Promoting Affiliate Products or Services

Promotion of other people’s products through your ebooks is a great way to make money from your ebook too. You earn when people buy those products through your link or persuasion. This way, you earn doubly. First, through your ebook. And also, through selling other people products and offers.

Getting Positive Books Reviews

When you give out your first ebook for free. When people start reviewing your book positively, you can then attach a price tag after the same. This way, you will market your ebook at a price to a new prospect with those positive reviews to propel the sales.

Have A Large Following

Getting a large fan base will go a long way for you to earn through your ebook. As there is already trust in you and your fans see you as someone to look up to. You can get all the sales you need from the word of mouth of your numerous fans and also turn them into a ready market.

Become An Expert In Your Niche

Having an ebook to your name with all the topics in them treated professionally. Even, if you have to put it out for free, people will seek your advice on what is seemingly not clear to them. In that way, you can charge them a fee for every advice or tip you render.

Become A Mentor

Becoming a mentor is almost the same as the above but there is a slight difference. Here, on your ebook, you will tell them that on this particular niche or subject matter, they should seek your help. That they should seek your guidance, you sell to them your ebook and you still earn when they make use of your time through your mentorship program.

Solve People’s Problems.

If in your ebook, you can solve people’s problems, trust me you are on your way to earning big. When people see that their problem is your concern and you waste no time in helping them solve it. Earning their trust along the line, you then become a trusted party for them to seek a solution. Then, you can package your subsequent ebooks on problems they keep on generating and market the same for a fee.