How To Know If My Antique Furniture is Valuable

If you own a historic house with a lot of antique furniture, you could be housing a lot of money. But then, you also may not. A lot of antique furniture owners often have the same question, How to know if my antique furniture is Valuable. This article would be answering just that. Is your furniture antique or just old?

Antique? Or just old?

Antique furniture is furniture from a particular age that is still very much in demand for various reasons ranging from, scarcity, sentimental value, quality value et cetera. Psst; check out these garden and patio antiques.

The old furniture is probably that old couch from five years ago that has mold, broken springs, and torn upholstery.

If you have been wondering whether your antique furniture is valuable, the following are a great start

Who previously owned your antique furniture?

To find out the market value of your antique furniture, you should trace back the original owners. Tracing back the original owners may help you understand the age of your furniture, and as such, the market value. Also, you just may find out that your furniture was once owned by a fellow of great historical importance and then, you’ve hit the jackpot.

What age was this furniture?

There are twelve distinct ages of American furniture, and each age’s market value is distinctly different. Some are seen as antique and others are, well, furniture. If your furniture dates back to certain ages like the (insert different ages of furniture)


It’s plain economics. Scarce goods shoot up in market value. Some distinct furniture in the (Insert age) had only a definite number produced, some were lost and this may have contributed to the scarcity of some the definite product. You could do a couple of research on your kind of furniture, understand how scarce it is, and then you should be able to determine the market value.


The quality of your antique furniture also matters. Provided your antique furniture can last the next ten years in good condition, coupled with its scarcity and previous owners, you may be looking at a whole lot of value. To gazette the quality, the upholstery should have no tear, the frame should be in good condition, and the wood quality must be one of peculiarity also.


The durability of your antique furniture could also determine its market value. It doesn’t matter if it was owned by Queen Elizabeth the first, the truth is, if it cannot provide comfort, looks ragged and worn out, there is no point in buying it. The durability of the entire furniture is key to the market value of worth.

Ask Around

For a clearer quotation, you could always have the experts come to check it out. Visit Vintage auction houses and auction events regularly if you are ever planning on selling. This way, you would have a better understanding of how the system works.


Using all the tips above, you should be able to easily determine the worth of your antique furniture.