Let the Journey Begin: 7 Travel Apps That Makes Travelling Easier

Did you know that 58% of people prefer using applications to search for flights? In the past, long-distance movement was considered a luxury.Travelling required endless effort and planning before execution. However, with the advent of smartphones, traveling has become cost-effective and hassle-free.

58% travelers surveyed said that they prefer using mobile applications to search flights, while 53% use them to find accommodations.

Therefore, to know which applications come handy in planning and executing travel plans, have a look:

App in the Air – The One Stop App for Travelling

If you are looking for an application that has a solution for most of your travel needs, then App in the air App awaits your click on the download button.

One of the greatest features of this app is that it connects with Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant, to measure your travel bag using augmented reality. The app then tells you whether the bag will fit the airplane’s overhead bins or not.

Moreover, the app provides you with information regarding boarding time, departure timing and loyalty programs. The app also lets you be aware of the waiting time at check-in, baggage claim, and security so that you can schedule accordingly.

Hopper – Watch Your Fares

Hopper lets you analyze billions of airfare and hotel prices so that you can compare with other choices and choose options that suit you best.

Just by typing in your travel destination, the app will provide you a color-coded calendar having details about the cheapest and most expensive dates to fly.

The app will also guide you on whether you should go ahead and book your flight or wait until the fares get cheaper and better. If you want to wait until the fares get cheaper, you can put the app on “watch” and insert your required price. The app will then notify you when the fares come near to your required rate.

Culture Trip – App That Knows All

Don’t want to miss any of the events happening at your travel spot? Download Culture Trip.

By publishing over 1000 short articles a month, Culture Trip has all the insiders’ tips regarding various travel destinations around the world.

The articles based on topics like art, film, and culture help travelers in being aware of the events happening at their potential travel destination.

The app lets you have a mini dive into the cultural aesthetics of your travel choice.

 Roadtrippers – Made for Road Trips

If you are someone who fancies road trips more than anyone does then you have just come to the right place.  Roadtripper is the app that helps you make the most of your road journey.

Roadtripper is an application that helps make road trips less challenging. The application allows you to map the trip with up to 7-way points.

Moreover, the app will guide you about the local food restaurant, roadside attractions and other things that you should not miss your trip.

Waze – Saving You from Dreading Traffic

When it comes to ranking travel mood spoilers, nothing can beat traffic.

To avoid combating traffic-related issues before starting with your trip, download Waze. The app helps you avoid blocked roads, police, accidents, congestion or any other elements that might increase the traveling time.

Another good thing about the app is that it has a speedometer that makes sure you are staying within the speed limit.

Airbnb – Accommodations Savor

Whether you are searching for a house, room or a hacienda to rent, Airbnb helps your search for accommodations at your desired travel spot.

The app lets you choose the best place for rent by allowing you to filter photos, go through reviews, or sort by amenities- such as swimming pools, washing machines, or availability of high-speed internet cable at the rented place.

Meetup – Connecting You to Locals

One of the finest ways to make the most of your travel is by connecting with the locals.

Meetup helps you find a connection with locals that are interested in doing similar things like you. For instance, if you are looking forward to hiking or photography, the app will connect you with a resident at that place who is interested in similar things. This will help you grow familiarity with the locals and the destination.

Key Takeaways

Whether it’s road trip, a family vacation, solo wellness retreat or last-minute plan with friends, some travel hurdles always join the journey.

To dodge these uninvited travel partners, download the above-mentioned applications. With these apps, you can avoid dreading traffic, ridiculous airfares, and find an affordable place to rent and amazing restaurant to eat at before even starting your trip. But if you are traveling alone using your motorcycle, make sure you wear the most reliable jacket to protect you.