Popup Form Tips for WordPress Site Owners

Pop-ups are a great idea to get results from your WordPress site. But a lot of website owners are unsure or confused about the inclusion of pop up forms on their pages. It is common to feel this way, because of the variety of options available to the vast WordPress community.

What’s a pop up?

Pop ups are becoming a trend on both content-based and image-based WordPress websites, where a user does not have to exit a page to fill some information or receive a promotion. They materialize instantly as you visit a site and display content chosen by the site owner. If you are an internet dweller, you must have faced pop ups many times in the form of info forms, request a quote and submit feedback forms.

Instead, a pop up appears with an information form. Pop up forms can be used by a variety of businesses, and service-based businesses can benefit more through these forms.

Here are some benefits of a pop up form on your WordPress website:

If you run a small business website on WordPress where you have provided a phone number so people can contact you, rest assured that it won’t get you business most of the times. It will work for large scale businesses, as they have more marketing budgets and word-of-mouth promotion.

  • Small business owners might not be able to attend the phone calls all the time. Imagine sales opportunities being lost just because you were not near the phone
  • If someone needs a custom quote from your business, a phone number is too long a process to get the quote. You should make it easy for the user to obtain a quote. Multiple phone calls can be frustrating for someone who is not even a client yet
  • Phone calls are not easy to track, unless you have a online CRM and a comprehensive reporting mechanism. Disorganization might lose you business and time

That’s why, pop up forms are a blessing in disguise for business owners of all scales. For example, a ‘request quote’ form can help you obtain the necessary information from a potential client, and then you can follow up with them through email. In addition, you can inform visitors about ongoing contests, or ask them to become an exclusive member of your club.

User experience is enhanced through pop up forms and this improves customer retention and satisfaction.

Gradually, you can link your email marketing service with the form to follow up with the leads.

Benefits of pop up forms

Pop up forms are great converters and they help you secure business even when the user is about to leave the site.


It will be the first thing your visitors see when they visit your site. The pop catches their attention immediately and they check it out.

The way you write the copy and design the pop up depends on its success.


Pop ups are more effective at securing clicks than the usual side and front banners. Adding one to your design means you get more followers, subscribers, or whatever your goal is.

Instant feedback

A pop up in the FAQ pages can yield immediate feedback from your visitors. Their immediate concerns, complains or inquiries like quotes can be addressed immediately. Instant feedback means you can instantly change things and design a better customer experience based on that feedback.

Pop up plugins for WordPress

Although the WordPress community is huge and there are several thousand plugins available for pop up forms, we have shortlisted some of the best ones for you.

Pop up maker

It is one of the most popular and versatile pop up forms in the market. The best thing about this tool is the flexibility through which you can create forms for specific pages, catering to different uses.

Common types of forms in Pop up maker include slide out pop ups, banner bars, floating sticky pop ups, notifications, opt-in forms, loading forms and video lightboxes. Other integrations include GetResponse, Mailpoet, InfusionSoft, Hubspot, etc.

You can choose custom triggers, choose what to show to each user and there is custom setting option for users of WooCommerce. All of these functionalities are available free of cost.

Convert plus

Convert plus comes from a Dev team that is busy rolling out enhanced features for the WordPress community. You can choose the type for forms like opt-in email forms, promotional forms and social integration forms. There are other options available in the form of notification bars and side widgets.

Convert Plus takes pride in its detailed trigger settings, and you can also perform A/B testing to check the performance of your pop up form.

Targeting options are also detailed in Convert Plus, like page level targeting, cookies, devices, etc.

To start making a pop up, you have to select from the 100+ templates and then customize them in real-time. This plugin will cost you $24 and a pro version goes up to $99.


This plugin has had 500,000+ downloads till now and excels at securing more leads for businesses around the world. It also comes with a drag and drop builder and further includes animation options to animate your pop ups.

Targeting options are plenty in OptinMonster, like time-based, page-based, behavior-driven, visitor-based, etc. Geotargeting and retargeting are standout features of this plugin.

Other similar plugins redirect users to new pages but OptinMonster overlays the form on existing page to boost page SEO.

Ninja Popups

Ninja pop ups is known for its user-friendliness in the industry. It comes with a drag and drop editor which is a popular feature praised by the WordPress community. You can create a pop up design on your own or choose a pre designed template.

Animation options are a cool feature of this plugin, where you can include smart animations that catch the attention of the user. Google Analytics event tracking and A/B testing make it easy to report better results through this pop up plugin.

The plugin costs $26 and once you download it, it opens the drag and drop editor as the first step.

Last word

Please note that a boring or dull pop up will only drive visitors away from your site. In order to attract more people towards your site, the pop up should come as a surprise and also be visually pleasing to the visitor. If you have more questions, you can comment below and we will answer them for you.